Pretty Old Pink {Dress}

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dress VINTAGE {similar} // earrings VINTAGE CHANEL {same here} // cuff CHANEL* {pink/white version here} // heels VALENTINO*  {similar from Ivanka} // bag CHANEL {splurge or steal} // sunglasses PRADA now on sale! // lips CHANEL // *via Last Call

Photography by Mr. S

This dress isn’t from Grandma, but it IS vintage.  I found this gorgeous piece at an estate sale last year.  Don’t ask me why it’s taken me so long to wear it!  I love the color {hello, it’s pink} and the flowers and collar detail.

Anyhow, this was my Easter outfit!  We got to church right on time which meant only standing room.  If we don’t make it there early, that’s always the case.  The little mister decided that my earrings were great throwing objects!  Luckily, his pitching arm isn’t too developed.  The men he chunked them at were close and nice enough to return them with a smile!

I’m super excited about some upcoming events!  Headed to the rewardStyle conference this weekend.  You can follow my happenings on Instagram.  And next week is the CAbi BiG Event.  More to come on both.

Hope y’all had a lovely weekend!  Happy Hump Day and belated Earth Day!

Find your Pretty Pink!

10 thoughts on “Pretty Old Pink {Dress}

    1. YES Meg! There are lots of little ones at that church! It’s super fun for him!

      BTW, GORGEOUS yellow Easter jacket! And for $2 – I DIE!!!

    1. Thank you Berty!! Lots of ebay, consignment shop, and Last Call finds for the Chanel! :)

    1. So true Stacey – PINK is such a happy color!!

      And you look absolutely DARLING in that midi skirt – LOVE!!!

    1. Kids ARE adorable, even when they’re up to no good! It’s true!

      So excited that your baby is coming soon! It’s good that y’all are taking those classes. We felt a little “braver” after hearing what to expect and what to do after baby arrives! And that wrap dress was super cute! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel!

      And I always like the IDEA of chucks, but can never really pull them off!

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