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Okay y’all!  I HAVE to tell you about a new iPhone app that I discovered – House Account.  Since baby boy’s arrival, I have NOT really been good about getting out of the house.  Yes, I’ve made some progress because NOW I can inconsistently go grocery shopping… so sometimes we have food and sometimes we don’t.  But having the true LUXURY to go shopping is GONE!

That is why I am so excited that I found out about House Account.  First of all, it’s free to download at the App Store!  Secondly, it connects you to local boutiques and you are able shop via iPhone.  I know what you’re thinking… you can shop online.  Some of my favorite local boutiques don’t have an e-commerce site or they are very limited.  And that’s the awesome thing about this app!  You spot an item, you can like it, and then you can buy it or chat directly with the boutique via text or phone!  You can ask about pricing, sizing, or availability.  That’s the great thing!  Sometimes, I just CAN’T talk on the phone but I CAN text and so I LOVE this option.  And many of the boutiques show a pic of someone with the item on.  It makes it easier to envision it on yourself!


Currently, they are connected with boutiques in 24 states.  And for my friends overseas, they already have a London region {with only one boutique at the moment} and they plan on aggressively expanding into Europe this summer!  Wouldn’t it be so cool if I could shop a Paris boutique from Texas???!!!!!

These are some of my favorite Dallas/ Houston/ Austin boutiques that I’m following:

Forty Five Ten // TOOTSIES // Canary // A Bientot // More Than You Can Imagine // By George // Five and Ten // Mecox // Elaine Turner // Stanley Korshak // Cabana // Elements

Anyways, I HAD to share House Account with y’all!  You’ll thank me later!  {Maybe your wallet won’t!}  BTW, this has been VERY DANGEROUS for me because I’ve seen and liked some FABULOUS things recently.  Makes it too easy to just text and buy!  Let me know your thoughts!

Update:  House Account featured me on their blog over here with my #feedfaves!  You’ll have to hop over to see my top picks!

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