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Does your heart pitter patter for Prada?  Do you J’Adore Dior?  Do you hyperventilate at Hermes?  Are you gaga over Givenchy?  Do you choke up at the thought of Chanel?  If the answer to any or all those questions is YES, then Clothes Circuit will be your new favorite place!

You know I have a LOVE and adoration for couture.  Sometimes the wallet just doesn’t have enough of the same feelings about an item to make it #getinmycloset.  This is when my two passions collide – consignment + couture.  And on that list is a boutique that I discovered in Dallas called Clothes Circuit.  The FIRST thing I saw when I walked in was a rack of Chanel suits.  You know my heart started palpitating!

chanelrack louisvuittonsuit

I met the owner, Irene, and she gave me a quick tour.  The store is smartly organized into 3 sections: designer, fashion edge, and wardrobe basics.  It makes it very easy to find what you are looking for… kind of!  They have so many fabulous things that you really NEED to know what you want otherwise you may be in trouble and going home with LOADS of things.  Of course, they also have a display case for noteworthy drool worthy jewelry and handbags.

hermesbirkin yslclutch

Hello, Isabel Marant Etoile linen blazer for $65 anyone?


Oh yes, I DO need an Hermes blazer.  How could I forget!


Yes, Daaarrling!  Please wrap up the Chanel jewelry and bags for me and send me the bill.


Luckily, I was on a time restraint when I went to Clothes Circuit which prevented me from buying the whole store!  But I plan on going back for treasure hunting.  They have anything you can possibly need from great basics to amazing designer pieces.  I know, I know… I’m trying to be good with my Five Pieces!  But I’m always happy to find a great consignment shop!

Now tell me, do you thrift or shop at consignment stores?

13 thoughts on “Local Love // Clothes Circuit

    1. I know, right???!!!! Certainly, my kind and your kind of place! Good thing Dallas is ~ 1hr away so I can’t just pop in. Otherwise, I don’t think my wardrobe diet would do very well!

    1. Thanks Stacey! I just think it’s so fun when you can find treasures… especially when they are Chanel! :)

    1. Is the the Reebonds (sp?) where I always see all the fabulous bags on your instagram?? That place looks like heaven!!!

        1. Yes Mica, those Reebonz sales look AMAZING!!! And me too, I’ve definitely bought WAY MORE than I’ve ever consigned. LOL!

  1. What a lovely summary of your visit. I am thrilled when we get that kind of reaction from new shoppers.
    This is a novel community in which to run such an operation. Many of our suppliers can shop with abandon and do. Therefore we have happy surprises as items are delivered to our back door for consignment.

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful tour Irene. Your store is just so fabulous!! I will definitely be visiting again soon!

    1. Me too Monica!! I’m a bit obsessed with them actually. Apparently, there is a new one in Fort Worth that I need to check out!

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