All the Pretty Ponytails

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// me with my dearest girlfriends – aka The Breck Girls //

Crickets chirping… Yes I know it’s been quiet here on the blog front!  We’ve been traveling, getting stuck, getting sick and all that goodness!  Happy Friday!  Cannot believe another week has flown by!

Since the little one’s arrival, my hair style/styling has become non-existence.  It wavers between a top knot and low slung “fast” ponytails – basically anything to keep it out of arm’s reach.  The little guy has developed quite a grip and thinks it’s HILARIOUS to use my hair like reigns on a horse!  I’m laughing on the inside although it looks like I’m crying on the outside.

Anyhow, I digress.  The ponytail is easy to do and can make you look like a million bucks!   It’s simple, chic, and draws attention to your face and clothing.  Definitely a plus when you’re having a bad/dirty hair day!  I went to one of my dear friend’s 10 year wedding anniversary celebration this past weekend.  Of course, we were running late.  I got dressed, touched up my makeup, and slicked my hair into a low ponytail!  Voila!  {We were still late but… you get my drift!}

You see it on the catwalks all the time.  If it’s good enough for runway, why not try it in reality?!  Are you a fan of the ponytail?

Images via Allure // W Magazine // Elle


7 thoughts on “All the Pretty Ponytails

    1. Mica! Messy buns are great too and will be perfect for when the little one arrives! I use those spin pins like crazy! It’s just hard to sleep in that so I have a hair tie around my wrist at all times. This way, I am prepared for the middle of night wakings.

      I used to wear my hair in a pony when I was younger for school – not required but my mom did it. So I never wore too many ponytails growing up until recently!

    1. Actually, Meg, I think those ponytails are the cutest – when there is a little stub in the back! Look at Miroslava Duma!! Super cute and chic!

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