Weekend Casual

weekendcasual1 weekendcasual2 style of sam, cabi tee, zara boyfriend jeans, rebecca minkoff feather necklace, isabel marant pour h&m heels, LV neverfull MM, hermes bangle, weekend ootd, weekendcasual4

top CAbi c/o // boyfriend jeans ZARA {similar} // belt RALPH LAUREN via Marshalls // earrings PREMIER // necklaces RYAN SADKIN, REBECCA MINKOFF {small version} // bracelet HERMES // heels ISABEL MARANT POUR H&M {similar} // bag LV NEVERFULL MM

Photography by Mr. S

This post was meant for Monday.  WOW, I can’t believe it’s already WEDNESDAY!  Funny how things get away from me nowadays with a little one.  Happy Hump Day Friends!  This was my weekend outfit-on-repeat.  I told my friend who saw me on Saturday and Sunday, “NO JUDGING!”  because it was the same top and boyfriend jeans.  I changed it up with different accessories and shoes!  It was black glitter TOMS on Saturday then heels on Sunday.  We went to Sunday brunch – I had to be a LITTLE fancy!  You’ll notice that the LV Neverfull makes a great baby bag too.  {You can see my little one’s diaper cloth peeking out.  Oops!}

Things are starting to look up because I’m finally able to put on make up, eat, and kind of get out of the house with the baby somewhat regularly.  Who knew how happy one could be about simple daily activities!  Anyhow, hope y’all are having a fantastic week so far.


18 thoughts on “Weekend Casual

    1. Thank you Mica! And yes, the Neverfull is really great bc you can stuff it to the brim (like the name states)! The only con would be the lack of dividers/pockets to keep things organized.

    1. Thanks Meg!! Yes, most of my tops lately are “free flowing” and loose. Even the v-neck tees that I got from Target are one size larger than normal so it won’t be so tight! I feel ya!

    1. Oh girl!! If I could wear these to the pharmacy, they would become my uniform!! If you have the same ones, then I’m sure you feel the same!

      Anyhow, you are so cute that fluffy mint coat in your Mais Oui post!! Love the whole outfit!

    1. Guurrrlll!! You crack me up! Thank you! xx

      I am BEYOND EXCITED about your baby news! I remember when we were talking about that at the amazing tapas place you brought us to after Lucky FABB! So sweet Lindsey!!!!!!!

  1. Love this look. I’ve been looking for the perfect boyfriend jeans I might have to check these out!!

    1. Thanks Tiffany! They were from a year or 2 ago at Zara – I think the TRF section for ~$60ish? Another one of my friends bought the same pair and we both wear them nonstop! Well worth it if you can find them! They probably have an updated version now!

      BTW, you looked absolutely GORGEOUS in all of your NYFW outfits!! Perfection!!

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