Perception vs Reality

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dress SHERIDAN FRENCH // necklace ZARA // lips TOM FORD

These photos were taken awhile back and meant for a style post, but then I saw a “perception vs reality” picture on my friend’s facebook page.  It made me laugh out loud and think of THAT picture – wearing a beautiful ball gown with a cat climbing on me, the dog vying to be in the photograph, the little one screaming in the background, and all the crap in our house!  THAT is the reality!  Thought you could enjoy a laugh yourself!  Again, Hilary’s post about Life Lessons couldn’t be more timely!

And ONE LAST TIME… I’m going to mention the Paris Fashion Week contest because #dreamscancometrue!  I would LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK if you would take a second to vote for me HERE on the 39nineteen facebook page.  You can vote ONCE A DAY until… Valentine’s Day!  xx

18 thoughts on “Perception vs Reality

    1. LOL – I know Mica!! I’m sure Cooper would be all over you if you were laying down. The only reason why Franklin isn’t also on me is because he is afraid of the cat – who bullies him! So sad!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Duckie!! Sorry I’m a month late replying – seems to be the norm lately with a little guy! BTW, LOVE your Yonce tee! Think I need one too – Queen B is da bomb!

  1. LOL! Oh well…life is never perfect but I’m sure you enjoy all the happy faces staring back at you. I must say the perception picture sure look stunning! The thing here is that I am definitely envious of you to be able to pull it together and snap a gorgeous perception picture despite all the crap going on around you. =D 2 thumbs up for you!
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    1. Thanks Yen!! Yes, well the things you do for a good blog pic right??!! Sometimes, it’s a bit crazy!

  2. I’m new to the fashion blogging world, and so I’ve been checking out some other fashion blogs as well. I just thought this post was so great. It definitely made me laugh. My number one rule for myself is staying true and never being ashamed of the reality of things, so I loved this. Super cute.

    XOXO – Love, Tori

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tori, and welcome to the fashion blogging world! Yes, I couldn’t resist posting the reality pic! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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