My “Life Lessons” at Our Style Stories

style of sam,

Oh LIFE!!  Sorry I’ve been MIA recently.  The little one has been getting over some illness and days have flown by… LITERALLY!

Remember the fantastic Hilary of Our Style Stories?  Well, she has an amazing series on her blog called Life Lessons.  It’s a breath of fresh air to read about the perception versus reality of peoples lives.  I think it’s easy to think that a particular person’s life seems so perfect… when in reality, we all have struggles.  You can see what my challenges are HERE!

And AGAIN… I’m going to keep mentioning the Paris Fashion Week contest because I want it to happen!  I would LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK if you would take a second to vote for me HERE on the 39nineteen facebook page.  You can vote ONCE A DAY until… Valentine’s Day!  xx

BTW, this couldn’t be a more timely post… as I’m TWO DAYS late responding to Hilary’s email AND POST!!!  LIFE!!!

6 thoughts on “My “Life Lessons” at Our Style Stories

    1. Oh gosh Mica! Thanks. I’m reply about a month later, and he is sick again. Poor guy can’t catch a break! Everyone keeps telling me it’s building his immunity and he won’t get sick when he starts kindergarten. But it’s really heartbreaking to see him feeling so bad and not be able to make it better right away.

    1. Carlos, I hope that your dreams will come true. We hoped for a baby for over 7 years and we were blessed to be able to adopt my little angel.

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