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Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine… maybe because I’m kind of sappy and a romantic at heart.  I believe in happy endings ALWAYS! One of my coworkers used to end her phone conversations with her husband saying, “Love you more”!  I thought that was the sweetest thing.  This necklace was meant for her!

These are a few of my fave picks for the upcoming lovey-dovey holiday.  I think #1 will definitely heat things up in any house!  The name – lace bondage bra and panty says it all!   Those gold dipped cards would be perfect for playing a special kind of poker!  And this is the cutest idea I saw on Pinterest!  Send your loved one a “heart attack”!

On another note… I’m going to keep mentioning the Paris Fashion Week contest because I really want it to happen!  I would LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK if you would take a second to vote for me HERE on the 39nineteen facebook page.  You can vote once a day until… Valentine’s Day!  xx

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    1. I do too! It’s really a sickness – I’m obsessed with all things gold! Hubby is getting tired of it and wonders why all these gold things are coming into the house!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by ladies! And I adore the jumpsuit!! Too bad the mister isn’t really of fan of them – but I wear them anyways! ;)

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