One Necklace Three Ways // Labradorite Love

style of sam, ryan sadkin labradorite necklace, narcisco rodriguez wool silk dress, ashley b fur leather jacket, coach over the knee boots, hermes kelly, winter ootd, grey and black ootd onenecklacethreeways2 onenecklacethreeways3 onenecklacethreeways4

necklace also worn as bracelet and headband c/o RYAN SADKIN // jacket ASHLEY B  {updated version in navy} // dress THRIFTED NARCISCO RODRIGUEZ  {similar from Last Call} // necklace PREMIER // bracelets CC SKYE, VINTAGE // rings BY BOE, BELARGO, OUI ETSY // earrings TARGET // otk boots COACH via Marshalls // bag HERMES

Photography by Mr. S

When I learned about Ryan Sadkin Jewelry in Dallas, I was so excited.  Y’all know I LOVE learning about new artist and designers in the area.  {Remember these posts and this?}  When I read a little more about her, my excitement changed to amazement.  Besides being a beautiful jewelry designer living in Dallas, she is a a lawyer and teaches law.  YES, smart, beautiful, AND talented.  TRIPLE THREAT Peoples!  WATCH OUT!  In addition to the gorgeous creations on her site, she also does custom and re-designs/ reconstructs pieces.  If you have an outdated family heirloom piece, you can bring it to her for some modern magic!  I also like that she stands behind her work.  She will restring or reconstructs anything that breaks at no cost.

Ryan created a custom piece for me.  Y’all know I’m a HUGE FAN of anything that has multiple uses.  Well, I wanted a labradorite piece. {Mica, ever since I’ve seen your pretty bracelet stacks, I’ve always wanted one!}  And I couldn’t decide between the different pieces on her blog… earrings, bracelet, necklace?  So Ryan made me the best of all – a necklace that can be worn as a bracelet and headband.  It’s adapted from the Arielle bracelet.

I think it’s gorgeous!  Grey is one of my favorite colors, and labradorite has such a beautiful depth and so many facets to the color.  And if you get technical, the necklace can be worn more than three ways.  You can double the necklace {number four} and add a brooch as a charm {number five} or wear it single like I have it with a brooch {number six}.  Any way you slice it, it’s amazing!

Lucky for you, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  She’s having a Black Friday sale!  Use code BLACKFRIDAY for a special discount.  It will be active Thursday night through Friday at midnight.  **Remember what I said here about starting early for gifts?!**  {I’ll also post it on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to remind you!} xx


Necklace provided by Ryan Sadkin Jewelry. All images and opinions are my own. Psst… she’s got great stuff!

11 thoughts on “One Necklace Three Ways // Labradorite Love

    1. Thank you Steph!! And it works out well as a headband!! I’m going to try it with my hair up also (a la Gossip Girl)! We’ll see how it goes!! ;-)

    1. You’re welcome Mica!! Really, it was you WAY BACK that made that made me want a labradorite bracelet!! They always look so pretty on your stacks!

      Lol! And of course you like the wrap best!

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