Oversized Sweater Weather


A couple of weekends ago, Mister S and I decided we should try to go out for dinner as a family.  Let’s just say that was the fastest sit down dinner we’ve ever had – 15 minutes and we’d eaten {sort of}, gotten to-go bags {for what we couldn’t inhale in 7ish minutes}, and paid the check.  The little one was not having any part of this “family dinner”, and we needed to head home before Defcon-5 occured.

Even though I knew we were taking a chance heading out for dinner, I still wanted to “get dressed up” because that comes few and far between now.   Y’all get to see all the pretty stuff on the blog!  This is what I wore.  And yes, I think people were giving me looks but oh well!!  You gotta live and you gotta have fun with fashion!  At least, that’s what I tell myself!

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hat MISSONI FOR TARGET // sweater THRIFTED CHRISTIAN DIOR MONSIEUR {similar from Mango} // jeans LOFT // earrings PREMIER // necklace SNS JEWELRY // rings BY BOE, BELARGO, GIFTED (pinky rings worn as knuckle rings from Gma) // booties GIVENCHY* {similar from Rachel Zoe} // bag CELINE*  *via Last Call

Photography by Mr. S

When I saw this men’s cable-knit sweater at the resale shop, I knew it would be perfect for Fall.  Nothing better than a cozy oversized sweater in the cold!  I thought it was just right for a casual dinner with my 2 favorite guys.  Bonus points for me because I threw on a hat.  You know I look for ANY occasion!

Style Rx:  Balance an oversized sweater with a slim silhouette on the bottom.  Think skinny jeans or a slinky maxi skirt!

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Do YOU do oversized sweaters?!

10 thoughts on “Oversized Sweater Weather

    1. It IS warm Stacey!! It’s wool (and since its vintage a wee bit itchy so I wore a tee under it).

      And we keep “practicing” the family dinner! We’ve learned that earlier is better!! Our next time, we are going at 4:30pm – so geriatric but then we hope to be able to stay the whole time!

    1. Thank you Mica! You are the best at wearing the knits with the skinnies!!

      And even though the little one is too young now, we are trying to remember that it goes by quickly! And so we need to enjoy every minute of him being a baby while we can! :)

    1. Thanks Megan!! VERY TRUE!! 7 minutes is a GOOD amount of adult time for us lately!! Lol!

  1. I’d be giving you looks, too! They’d be looks of envy at how damn chic you look, Sam! I loooooove the hat, oversized sweater, booties, bag …. OK EVERYTHING! I am happy to see you blogging again. I know it must be hard with so much going on, but I have MISSED you :)

    As for oversized sweaters, yes, yes, yes a million times yes! I love them … they are comfy, casual yet oh-so-chic with skinnies, booties and the right attitude.
    kimberlyloc recently posted…beauty secrets | the evolution of a pixie cutMy Profile

    1. Lol!! Thanks Kim! And you are so right – ATTITUDE makes all the difference!

      It’s nice to be back (although I AM perpetually behind). Ahem… my responses may be days OR WEEKS late!

    1. Ha! I LOVE that Leticia!! I’ve only shopped in the men’s dept at H&M because they always have cool accessories! But I NOW need to check the sweater dept too!! :)

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