And I’m back // New Logo and New Look


… From a little blog makeover!   Just call me Goldilocks looking for THE PERFECT blog design.  {Yes, I’m crazy because I change my blog design as often as I get my hair cut lately!}

And sorry I went MIA the last week.  Besides some technical difficulties, a lot of things were happening – some good and not so good.  My MIL was in the hospital.  She’s home now but prayers are always welcome.  My little man was ill – poor boy has a chest cold and ear infection.  My cousin was visiting from NJ – hurray – and my mom was here too!  And I was working on a little project with Vaunte… more to come later!

The last design started getting a little too saccharine for me, especially after baby boy arrived…


//the 2 final logos that Corina designed for me //

Actually, I had started working with Corina on a new logo before he was born.  I wanted something more substantial, graphic, glamorous, and chic.  She had the logo ready before I had decided on a new blog design!  It just needed a home.  I toyed with the idea of a customized design (but I didn’t have the time to do it so I would need to hire someone – but I didn’t have time for that either) versus a premade template.  Being inspired by Into The Gloss, Venz Edits, and Grease and Glamour, I knew I wanted a modern and simple design.

That’s when I remembered Blog Me Pretty.  { I had found Noor’s personal blog some time ago.}  When I saw the design ‘Black Out’, I knew IT WAS THE ONE!  So take a look around!  Tell me what ya think and let me know if you find any kinks! 

And wish me luck on my first day back to work!  Talk to you soon…

12 thoughts on “And I’m back // New Logo and New Look

    1. Thank you so much Mica!! It’s that time of year on this side of the world! And it’s probably the worst time to start the baby in school/ day care (bc of work) but I hope his immunity builds up. And we’re praying that my MIL makes a full recovery.

    1. Thank you Lauren!!

      I started to get ahead of myself bc I was looking at templates with sliders, moving things, etc. and then I realized… I can’t keep up with that right now!! KISS right?!?!

    1. Thanks Steph!! I tried to remind myself that simple is better (for me at least)! It’s hard to go wrong with black and white, but I HAD to have some pinks – the links!

      Yes, that past week was a doozy. I’m really relieved my MIL is on the mend and baby is getting better.

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