Thrift Rx // The Essential Trench

style of sam, saint laurent wide brim hat, loro piana cashmere trench, celine black and white heels

It’s that time of year… when the air is brisk, leaves change colors, and somehow the skies are more beautiful. It’s my favorite time of the year {probably because I can accessorize, accessorize, and accessorize}!

One of my favorite pieces for Fall and Winter are coats. I probably have way more than needed for Texas winters, but each one has a specific function and look.




trench THRIFTED LORO PIANA // hat SAINT LAURENT // jeans LOFT // heels CELINE via Last Call

Photography by Mr. S

This Loro Piana cashmere trench coat is a lucky thrift find but one that I consider essential.  {I was completely floored when I found it!}  The trench is a classic that never goes out of style and flatters every figure.  The double-breasted buttons are perfect for keeping the cold or rain out, and the wide lapel can be popped to protect your neck from the elements.  PLUS, most trenches are belted which give you a shape unlike other heavier jackets.  FYI, the trench was originally designed as an officer’s rain jacket.

Some tips when hunting for coats in thrift stores {so you can find your perfect trench}:

// Take a look at the material.  Natural fibers like wool, silk, cotton, and cashmere are best.  I do have some vintage polyester items that have held up well but they don’t tend to “breathe” well.

// Be sure to inspect the whole garment. The jacket from this cowboy chic post was a vintage Neiman Marcus beauty but covered in moth holes. My DIY plan was to ombré bedazzle it with camel Swarovski crystals but my to-do list is eternally long so I gave it away.

// Remember that items can be altered to look like they were made for you.  It’s a easier to go smaller.  Sometimes, you can lengthen sleeves depending on how the garment was made.

// A trip to the cleaners can make something look brand new.

And if you’re not a thrifter, shop these NEW essential trenches:


Happy Monday Peoples!  Thanks for all the love on our adoption story post.  I really felt so anxious before pressing the publish button.  It’s hard for me to share that kind of stuff – I’m not good with verbalizing my feelings on things and Mr. S calls me the guy in the relationship!  Ha!

19 thoughts on “Thrift Rx // The Essential Trench

    1. That’s perfect -a Black and Khaki one!! Those WOULD go with everything! I have a khaki one from Old Navy that I used for the rain. This one is good for the cold!

    1. Thanks Stacey!! Hopefully we will get to go to the UK again one day. Mister S wants to go back sooner than later!! We could go “thrifting” together!! I was so happy when you shared your dress find at one of the places I mentioned in Paris!! :)

    1. Lol Rachel!! That’s what I thought when I saw it!! It was impossible to pass up!! ;)

    1. Thanks Berty!! I hope you get lucky too!! I just learned about a couture consignment place in Dallas that I want to check out when I have a chance – Clothes Circuit!! Maybe you’d be able to find something there!! And let me know if you do!!!

    1. Thank you Megan!!! I was super STOKED when I saw it!! And I was going for a “London” inspired something when we shot the pics!!

    1. THANKS Lyddie!! I know about the coat – it was a little pricier than my “usual purchases” at the place but TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

      And LOL about the hat! You know what they say about Texas! Everything’s bigger! (But really, I thought the bigger the better as far as hats go!)

  1. I can’t believe you thrifted that trench. What a FIND! You are a modern-day, Asian Carmen San Diego :) We have a very good luxury resale store here in KC (does that make sense?!) where I’ve scored a beautiful silk Chanel scarf for me an a Ferragamo tie for the teacher man. I haven’t been back in a while but you are inspiring to go on the hunt again!
    kimberlyloc recently posted…beauty secrets | the evolution of a pixie cutMy Profile

    1. Thanks Kim!! I know EXACTLY what you mean!! We have those too (and now that my favorite thrift store has closed -where I got the coat) I need to revisit the luxury resale shops!

      It’s always so fun when you find these treasures!! I’m sure teacher man loved his tie!! The mister was super happy when I found him a new with tags Coach briefcase!! (Secretly, I’ve wanted to steal it but he actually uses it!)

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