Find me at Chic City Life

I was thrilled when Vanessa of Chic City Life emailed me about being her March feature.  We met at the IFB Conference, and SHE is just too chic and gorgeous!  Hop on over to see what I had to say THERE.

5 thoughts on “Find me at Chic City Life

  1. Fantastic feature! I couldn’t agree more on leaving the “fun” wardrobe items for your personal time. You definitely want to be taken seriously in the office, and sometimes that means making the more conservative choice for office attire.

  2. LOVED the interview, Sam. I think it’s wonderful that you have a creative outlet aka the blog. I’m constantly in awe of your outfits wondering how the heck did you come up with the combinations. And your hair! and make up! I couldn’t stop looking at both of them when we met up.

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