SOS Rx // Chocolate Cookies and Candies

Guess what…  It’s that time of the month again!  I am happy to present the latest SOS Rx for March, Marlene of Chocolate Cookies and Candies.  {SOS is short for Style of Sam, and Rx is short hand for prescription.}  Every month, a new blog/ blogger is prescribed!
We were lucky enough to meet Marlene and her family during our trip to London.  She is a lovely and witty momma living in the UK by way of New Zealand.  One of my favorite things about her blog is her candidness and humor.  I’m usually laughing out loud, literally, when reading her thoughts about motherhood, fashion, and life.  She also has a weekly series “Pass It Forward” where she shares 3 favorites bloggers.

I learned about Marlene on tpf years ago and fell in love with her amazing photography on the blog.  She recently started showing HERSELF where it was previously just the outfit pictured.  And I’m sure you noticed the cutie in the bathtub.  That’s her daughter, Lil L, who often makes an appearance on the blog!

Don’t you adore Marlene’s francophile style? And I want to wear HER choices for a perfect blogger post!  She is really is a hoot.  You must check out Chocolate Cookies and Candies.

Happy Monday Peoples!!  :):):)

16 thoughts on “SOS Rx // Chocolate Cookies and Candies

  1. Sam, what an honor to be featured here! We (as in the 3 of us) often talk about you and Mr S and wish that you guys live closer to us. You certainly have a knack for putting all this together in such an appealing way. ((hugs)). Thank you for doing this!

    Mirian & Lili, awww….thank you so much for the lovely compliments.

  2. I love Marlene’s blog – she’s a hoot alright and her photos really sparkle. Love her sweatpant and leather jacket look in the right. Wish I could wear a hat like that…

  3. Marlene is the real McCoy and as awesome now as she was back when we were in school together, it just took a while for all the pieces to fall into place, and for us to reconnect.

  4. Marelene has such a brilliant blog. She always captures my attention with her varied posts and personality. Brilliant person to feature Sam. I’ve just found your blog! I can’t believe it I must have been under a rock! I’m a new follower.

    xx Mandi

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