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Ah, it’s Friday.  Let’s just take a second to breathe…
After returning from New York, I was running in small circles being completely inefficient as I madly dashed around the house to get things ready.  “Ready for what?”, you ask.  Last Friday, we had our adoption home study.  Hence the reason why I’ve been drinking way TOO MUCH coffee, running around like a spaz, and acting a little insane-in-the-brain {or maybe a lot insane}.

top ALICE & TRIXIE c/o // necklace ZARA // bracelets THRIFTED, STELLA & DOT // rings OUI ETSY, THRIFTED // belt GIFTED // jeans J BRAND // heels PRADA {similar}
This is where it all started – my living room.  Way back when, I decided to really start this blogging thing, my first outfit shots were here.  Funny enough, I felt like it was an appropriate place for the outfit that I wore during the home study.
Contrary to the title “home study”, there were no white gloves, inspecting drawers, or opening closets thank goodness.  It was a two hour session with only ten minutes being spent on the home tour.   She asked us about plans for disciplining our child, how we handle big financial decisions, hard times in our marriage, etc.
At the end, she told us we would be approved at the end of the month.  We also needed to finish up our adoption profile and get a car seat, nursery ready, etc.  I have been feverishly working on that adoption profile.  Who knew that it takes so much longer to edit and put together things in shutterfly versus photoshop?  Shutterfly is kicking my butt!  Lastly but most importantly, she mentioned that adoption placements have moved fairly quickly recently.  When I asked about the time frame {thinking about our friends who adopted their precious daughter within 4 months from the same agency}, she told us that one family was placed with a baby after only… wait for it …. ONE WEEK!!!!!!
And that’s when my heart started racing and my brain imploded!  This hasn’t been a short journey for me and Mr. S.  We started trying to have a family in 2006, but this adoption process has gone at Ludicrous Speed {referencing good ol’ Spaceballs} since submitting paperwork in December!!  So please excuse me if I’ve been a little MIA and/or crazy lately – I’m trying to get some things done!
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!  :)
The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intentions. – Oscar Wilde
{I make and take time to thank those who are vital in my life.}

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  1. oh my! congrats!!! i know the process is super slow, all of my friends have said the same thing. but so happy your time is finally here! <33

    1. LOL Tabitha!!! You can always make me laugh! It’s from CB2 – a less expensive, more modern subsidiary of Crate and Barrel. Mr. S thought I had gone off the looney bin when I told him that I wanted a concrete coffee table!! But, me likes!! Although, kid-proofing that thing is going to be a nightmare! Can you say big bumpers?!

  2. Dearest darling Sam, get ready for the ride of your life :) I am SO pleased and happy for you and your husband. From the little time we spent together, you seem incredibly grounded, genuine and very affectionate, and I can only imagine how blessed your child will be to call you Mum.

    xo Sheela xo

    1. Sheela!!! Thank you so much! I wish Texas wasn’t so huge and we could visit a little easier! We are ready, but at the same time not, for this ride of our lives!!

    1. Thanks Mica!! And thanks for always being so supportive!! You are right – either time is a very short time to wait! We are running around like wind around here!! But it’s all with happy thoughts in our head!

    1. Thank you Professionally Petite! We feel really lucky – the agency we are working with is pretty small and they only accept a couple of families at a time so the wait isn’t as long. We interviewed another agency that was larger and the wait time is at least a year and a half.

  3. I’m excited for you Sam! Welcome soon to parenthood! It’s a tough job which you can’t call it quits once you are in it but it’s also something that will give you sooo much “job satisfaction” :)

    1. Melody!! I can’t wait {although it’s very scary too}!! Thanks for the words of wisdom regarding “job satisfaction”!! I’ll have to remember that when diapers and milk are flying around the house!

  4. Sam,
    Your living room is gorgeous, and you look gorgeous as well. More importantly, thank you for sharing your adoption process with us. Wow… Since 2006. That is a long time. I have several friends who are experiencing the same challenges as you, and I know it is hard. I won’t pretend that I know for one second the challenges you must be experiencing, but I am thinking about you, rooting for you and your husband, and again, appreciate knowing this about you on a personal level. I sure would love to hear the good news in as little as a week! In the meantime, keep looking gorgeous as you do… I see not only on the outside but the inside too.
    Best, Whitley

    1. Whitley,

      Thank you so much for the kindest words. That is so sweet. It’s because of people like you and comments like this that make me feel comfortable to share some of my private life. Thank you.

      xo, sam

  5. sam, your home looks so beautiful, and it will be even brighter when your baby dreams come true! good luck with getting everything together … i know you can do it! mamas and mamas-to-be have super powers when it comes to getting ish done!!! wishing you and mr. s the best from kansas city :) xoxo

    1. Awe thanks Kim!!! And that IS SO TRUE about the super powers!! My friends have done been able to function at work with no sleep, and I attribute that to mama super-powers!!!! seriously hope we get to meet this year!! :)

  6. Hello from UK!
    I saw you on Marlene’s blog and discovered you have your own blog – just wanted to wish you all the VERY BEST with the speedy arrival of a precious little one for you and Mr S! I’m sure you already know nothing really prepares you for when the baby actually appears so I hope you and Mr S will have some time to enjoy some relaxation once the formal processes are completed and a lot of sleep :-)

    1. Thank you miss petite ‘everymum’!! I LOVE Marlene – she is just so fab! And I wish something DID prepare us for parenthood. I’m hoping the moms {mine and his} will also give some pointers. And we can always cross our fingers for sleep! :)

  7. Ah, memory lane! This reminds me of when I first started following your blog! I can’t believe how soon everything is happening! It’s a long time in the making and I know you and Mr. S are ready. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers during the remainder of the process!

    p.s. I love those jeans. So. Much.

  8. Congratulations!
    How exciting!!
    I’m just curious about about the sharing of information on your blog – do you think the agency may google you, and how comfortable you are about sharing or oversharing?
    I also wonder if “get a baby” is how you want to phrase your adoption process!

    1. Thank for your input. I appreciate the sensitivity on adoption – I changed the sentence that may have been concerning.

    1. Awe Amy – thank you for sharing that with us. I’m sure the wait made your son’s arrival even more precious! In April, it will be the 7 year mark for us. Our baby has been growing in our heart for a long time. xx

  9. I love your blog, more importantly your honesty!! I was adopted when I was 3 months old, greatest gift ever I have amazing parents and a family that I love.. Bravo to you and congrats on your new journey. As mother of my own 3 children I hope you enjoy every minute

    1. Thank you Williams 5!! And thank YOU for the honesty and positivity about adoption!! We HAVE been enjoying every minute and it’s hasn’t even really begun!

  10. What an exciting venture! So happy and excited for you! One week my God it is almost like ordering a baby online. Here, here ya go, your bundle of joy. Wow. Things seem to have really changed. It seems the adoption process always had a reputation for taking really long as in years but no more? Wow.Congrats again!

    Ali of


    1. Thanks Ali!! Actually, there are some online agencies now, but we didn’t feel comfortable with that. And we feel lucky, but I don’t really know if it will be in one week! I think it was just happened quickly for that particular family!

  11. So happy for you Sam! It’s tough to keep up with a blog at a time like this – you’ve got to NEST! Best of luck as you await your new baby! Can’t wait to hear about it! Take care!! BTW, love the outfit and especially the necklace. I have one almost exactly like it!

  12. Your home looks so beautiful! I remember when I started reading your blog all your outfits pictures where here! I am so excited for you and Mr S! You are going to be amazing parents!


    Five Minute Style 

  13. Mmhmmm, you think the outfit for the home study was a paramount decision. Just wait . . . until.you.meet.the.baby. Yes, the morning we met Anna Zane, I called my best friend b/c it had NEVER occurred to me that I wouldn’t be wearing a hospital gown when I met my darling. I said, “Lori, what does one wear when meeting her daughter for the first time?” So plan now. :-)

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