NYFW // Glamour Cats

Feline.  FABulous.  FUN.  Meatpacking District.  Meow.  That about sums up the Glamour Magazine Glamour Cats events.  It was the cat’s meow literally!  Bethany, Ashley, and I pawed our way into the Pretty Kitty Beauty Bar event.  Oh yes, be prepared for cheesy cat humor.
Need I say more? 

Yes, you CAN own a cat sweater!  :)  It’s an exclusive from Glamour Magazine x Opening Ceremony.
It was a choice of pretty paws or cat eyes.  I wanted a feline finish on my nails.  Please do NOT  look too closely at my VERY DRY cuticles and hands.

So many feline fashionistas fancied it up including Glamour Magazine Beauty Director, Ying Chu, and wait for it…  Olivia Palermo.  I never watched the The City, so I know her as a VERY stylish glamazon.  Obviously, I HAD to say hello to her and get a pic!  {It’s such an unflattering pic of me, but I’m still so excited that I met Olivia so I had to share.} I met a new blonde asian blogger friend, Tineey.  And don’t you love that instagram of my cookie monsters, Ashley and Bethany?!
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If you made it this far, thanks for putting up with my silly cat humor.  But seriously, I want to have a glamour cat event in my house!  I wonder if Mr. S would be up for that?

Cats are so Fashion.  – Bill Wackermann, publishing director of Glamour Magazine

11 thoughts on “NYFW // Glamour Cats

    1. Lyddie! I may have gotten carried away with a the cat themed things surrounding me, but I was totally wanting that sweater! LOL!

  1. Still can’t get over you meting with Olivia Palermo! This event (as well as all of you’re other NYFW events) looked like so much fun!

    Also, I really want a black and white cat and name him Karl Lagerfeld. I’ve really thought seriously about this. Despite the fact me and cats don’t get along.

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