NYFW // IFB Conference Part 2

The second day of the IFB Conference was full of useful information, more on the business aspect of blogging i.e. monetization, copyright law, and SEO.
This is a text heavy post with a recap/summary of Day 2 of the IFB Conference.  I’ve added some pictures to break up all the business talk but just letting you know!

me and my roomies Ashley and Bethany

So here goes Day 2…
As previous, I’m gathering “tweets of wisdom” to recap.
  • The first 2-3 hrs in the morning and the last 2-3 hrs before sunset to take the best pics via @lydiahudgens
  • When taking self shots w/a tripod, use a larger aperture via@lydiahudgens
  • Feeling un-photogenic? Throw on a pair of sunglasses@lydiahudgens tweeted by @IFB
  • Practice makes perfect when shooting – pose in the mirror to see what you like best tweeted by @IFB
  • If you like the blurred out background in your photos go for a 1.2-1.8 lens tweeted by @IFB
  • Find cool alleys, brick walls & colorful backgrounds. Locations should reflect where you live @ISpyDIY tweeted by @ojandcigs
This session is a little hard to recap because there was SO MUCH good information so I’m going to send you to Nik’s website, Thread Conscious.  She has a link to her slides and other resources from the post on February 7th.  Nik happens to be a lawyer practicing in the great state of Texas and a fashionista that loves vintage.  Does she sound like my kind of gal or what?!  Her session was so great that it’s really worth it take a look at the slides.
promoted by Rakuten Linkshare – I’ve never used linkshare but it was interesting to hear what they had to say.  I’ve summed up their slides.
  • Build direct relationships with the brands you love
  • Increase your revenue channels – earn commissions on products you’re already featuring on your blog
  • Seasonal and promotional opportunities
  • Help your readers find your product recommendations directly from your site
  • Choose your affiliate marketing program wisely – do research
  • Choose partners carefully – what advertisers are relevant to your audience?
  • Promote products within a post – text links convert the best
  • Incorporate affiliate links into your newsletters
  • Consistency is key
  • Be patient –  work at it!
  • Stay informed – educate yourself on tools & trends
  • Don’t become reliant on just one brand – spread the wealth
  • Test, track, and try again
{clockwise from top left} me and Jen of House of Jeffers // meeting Kendi of Kendi Everyday at the Styl.d by Gap Event with Dominique, Ashley, Elizabeth, and Bethany // hotel roomies with Ashley, Dominique, and Elizabeth // taxi shot on the way to the conference with Ashley and Dominique
promoted by Shop My Label – This seems like an interesting concept.  It allows a blogger to create an “e-commerce” shop on their blog.  Currently, it’s only available for wordpress blogs but they are working on something for blogspot.
  • curated products that connect to editorial content
  • create separate “shoppers” email list ex. Shop29
  • reward loyal customers (small gift, exclusive content, “shopping service”, etc.
  • add new products regularly
  • mix high & low price points, promotion of SALE product
promoted by PadSquad – PadSquad creates mobile friendly website and can monetize your mobile friendly blog site.  This was another interesting concept especially in light of the fact that most websites’ mobile traffic grew by 50-100% this year and over 43 million check email daily via mobile.  Again, there was A LOT of information shared, but they were nice enough to share their slides HERE.
presented by Erika Miller of ELM Consulting – Erika was extremely knowledgable about SEO and some of it was over my head.  I’ve gathered the ‘tweets of wisdom’, but I encourage you to contact her directly if you have any question.  I know I’ll be contacting her in the future.
  • Balancing key words and editorial integrity – editorial content should always win via @ELMConsulting
  • SEO is not about having all the high volume keywords in your content – It’s about the “right” keywords. @ELMConsulting tweeted by ‏@_IFB
  • Everyone wants to rank on google for fashion, but it took@ELLEmagazine a whole year to rank, so get more specific tweeted by ‏@_IFB
  • #SEOtip: If you aren’t getting more than 100,000 hits a month you should target more 4 word phrases tweeted by ‏@_IFB
  • The important take away from SEO is that it is keywords are more important than tags via @ELMConsulting tweeted by ‏@_IFB
In case you missed Part I, you can see the recap HERE.
Actually, Alyssa of Fleur de Lyss and I met for the first time and had a great breakfast discussion about monetization.  I don’t how you feel, but I used to be against monetization and sponsorship.  After awhile, I decided that it was worth a try if I stayed true to myself and didn’t “sell out”.  It becomes very transparent when a blogger is trying to sell you and I think it looses readership quickly.  Additionally, my reputation is on the line, and that’s the only thing you have as a blogger.  If I don’t believe in a product, then I can NOT endorse it on my blog.  Currently, I use rewardStyle and ShopSense for affiliate links and have some banner ads.  I can’t say that the money I’ve earned has even recuperated my blog costs i.e. blog designs, classes, and development.  However, I feel like it’s a smart thing to learn about especially when I started getting approached by potential sponsors.  What are your thoughts on blog monetization?

9 thoughts on “NYFW // IFB Conference Part 2

  1. Sam,
    i love this post very much. it’s hard for me to pick the perfect time to take photos…having a full time job really restrict what time..i try to do it before sunset..or lunch time. winter time is a lot harder since sunset so much earlier.
    about the monetize…i think you’re right about staying true to yourself. it’s hard to keep up with the trend or whatever the new IT pieces out there. and shops that sell high street style, though the price point is inexpensive but when you add them up, it’s quite a lot of money not really invested into my wardrobe. i came to realize when i focus on buying fewer and higher quality stuff…i really can’t buy high street items…so it’s really tricky to mix the high and low.

  2. Phew, it’s all so complicated, it really is a business for many isn’t it? I think that’s fine if that’s what a blogger wants, each to their own, we all do this for different reasons.

  3. So many great tips – although I have to say the one about sunglasses when you’re not feeling photogenic – yes! Best trick ever to hide a tired face in blog photos, haha!

    I think monetising with links is the best – just like you’re doing, I use reward style. That way if people want to click on the links, they can. If they don’t, they don’t. I think it’s nice to give people the option :)


  4. Thanks for the recap Sam!
    When I stated my blog I never expected much to come of it, and it is truly just a hobby so I’m happy with whatever freebies get thrown my way. Some brands I truly love and endorse with or without their sponsorship. When a brand I love loves me back, that is the best.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. This makes me wonder if I should move my garden blogging off my art/creepy things blog and start a new one. Hmm. I didn’t consider there’d be a way to make $ off it. Thanks for the info!

  6. thanks for the great recap, sam! i write my blog because i love it, but i’ve begun monetizing it with specific affiliate link programs and sponsorships that i hand-pick myself. you are spot-on about remaining true to yourself — don’t just take a sponsorship because it’s $$$! take a sponsorship because it’s furthering your message and helping you remain motivated to create great content that gets brands’ attention and keeps your readers happy. xoxo

  7. RAKUTEN! That is the name I was trying to remember. Thank you so much for sharing and passing on everything from IFB as well as your insight on monetizing! It is very much appreciated. And as discussed, it looks like it will be a go! This post is definitely a great reference point.

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