NYFW // IFB Conference Part 1 & Drybar

Nothing starts the day like a good hair day!  That’s the mantra we {Ashley, Bethany, and I} took before the IFB Conference.  I’d never experienced a Drybar blowout appointment before that day.  It’s a quickie hair styling appointment.  They wash and blow-dry your hair then style it according to your choice from the menu.  I chose the Mai Tai!

We then cabbed it over to the Conference and the excitement and craziness began!  :)  I’ve gathered my ‘tweets of wisdom’ to share with you from each of the panels.
  • Focus on what you would want to read… Relish these moments when you are small. Via @beso
  • I still email back to every question. It doesn’t matter how big you are… Via @BagSnob
  • Be creative and innovative! Don’t be afraid of an out there idea! Via @CFashionista
  • If you don’t love it yourself then why would your reader? Via @BagSnob
  • You can create your own editorial via @glossi – I’m definitely going to check this out!  I’ve know about issuu but this seems a little different.
  • Don’t be afraid to dive in with social media via @eye4style
  • Don’t leave people hanging… Connect and reply back via @glossi
  • Make sure you’re having a conversation via @CFDA on social media etiquette
  • Be gracious and kind on all social media platforms via @thisthatbeauty
  • What can you bring to the table for a brand? Think of the other party via @Bollare
  • Any negative comment is an opportunity to build a positive relationship via @Glossi
  • Know your track record and know your worth via @beachmint – They elaborated on creating a case study of previous collaborations to send with your media kit.  Good thought!
  • It’s not all about numbers. It’s about the engagement with your readers via @Bollare
Making new friends! {clockwise from top right}
first panel at IFB // Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost {image via} // Maddie of College Fashionista // Sheela of SheelaGoh // Ashley of SideSmileStyle, Dominique of Comfy Cozy Couture, Meredith of Meredith and the New Yorkie, and Bethany of BSoup
The highlight for me was Lisa Salzer, founder of Lulu Frost, speaking about her journey to success.  What an amazingly talented and genuine person, and she’s only 30!  She was so inspirational – I wish there was a video of her CEO Talk that I could share with you.  Here are my ‘tweets of wisdom’ from her:
  • I have a dream. How do I make it reality?
  • Your doubts can hold you back and life is too short for that.
  • Trust your intuition. There are signs everywhere to help you down your path.
  • Success is meeting an opportunity and being ready to tackle it head on.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. – I FIRMLY believe in this too!
  • Stop being afraid. Sometimes the unknown is what will make you. tweeted by @eclettica
One of the afternoon sessions touched on affiliate marketing, but my recap of Day 2 will include more information on that so stay tuned…

  • Understand you readers and brand then worry about affiliate marketing via @linkshareblog
  • Curate different content for each social media platform. via@lateafternoon
  • Clearly defined roles are key to friendships that turn into business relationships @birchbox tweeted by @sidesmilestyle
Hope this was helpful for those who couldn’t make it to the conference.  Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to help!
Happy Valentine’s Day!  I’m try to get things done for our adoption home study tomorrow!  :)

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  1. Fantastic tips and words of wisdom! Thank you SO much for sharing these. As a marketer and blogger the information is SO helpful. And I couldn’t agree more about surrounding yourself with positive people. Life is difficult enough as is without having those negative people in our lives!

  2. It was so nice to meet you at the conference! Thank you so much for coming and writing about your experience! Your hair looks great!

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to compile and share all the tips. They’re invaluable for those of us who are unable to attend the IFB conference. I think it’s brilliant you managed to meet with an old schoolmate of mine! All the best for the adoption process. Hopefully, it speeds up…!!

  4. Ahh, Sam, I wished we had more time to chat and hang out together :) since there probably won’t be an IFBCON in September, it’ll have to wait until next year then. It was AWESOME meeting you, you’re every bit as genuine and warm and lovable as M said you’d be!! And then some.

    xo Sheela xo

  5. Wow. I am completely floored by Lisa Salzer! I couldn’t relate/agree more!!

    Thank you so much for such a concise roundup! Excited to read about day 2.

  6. I’ve just caught up and you NYFW posts and it looks like a such a fun trip a long with a lot of useful and insightful tips! I can’t wait to see the rest of your posts!


    Five Minute Style 

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