Find me at Lily Says Go

Remember my January prescription, Lily?  Well, I’m over at her blog Lily Says Go today yesterday!  Y’all know I’m always a little behind.  :)
And in case you don’t remember Lily… she’s adorable, she’s from Wisconsin.  Go visit!  Enough said.

6 thoughts on “Find me at Lily Says Go

  1. Oh Sam….that yellow dress in the last picture, with the ostrich feather hem…its so stunning I almost want to weep.

    1. Thanks Lisa!! Unfortunately, it’s in bad shape right now. The feathers are just “molting” right off! And the silk overlay is torn. :( I need to figure out how to rehab that gorgeous dress!

  2. Sam–I found you on Lily Says Go, and love, love, love your style! So cute the way you mix boho and classic pieces together seamlessly. I was wondering where a few of the pieces from that post were from? I adore the green maxi skirt and the long white coat.

    Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Hi Anna!! Thank you! Lily is so fabulous, isn’t she?!

      About some of the pieces… the green maxi skirt is actually a dress that I bought at a local consignment shop. And the same with either of the longer coats – one is from my husband’s grandmother and the other is from an estate sale. I did a post awhile ago how how to find estate sales in your area:

      I don’t know if that is very helpful, but I like to shop consignment, vintage, and thrift stores because they have such unique things! :)

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