Interview Outfit // Chanel Jacket

Normally, I’m one who would wear a new purchase right away – right out of the store or box if possible!  But for some reason, I saved this jacket to wear for a special occasion and the perfect opportunity popped up last week.

Chanel black and white fringe jacket, JCrew sweater, LOFT skinny jeans, Valentino pearl bow booties, Karen Walker number one sunglasses, Hermes kelly bag, Pearl multistrand necklace, oui ring etsy
jacket CHANEL* {super cute} // sweater JCREW* // jeans LOFT // necklace and earrings PREMIER {similar} //
pearl booties VALENTINO {McQueen Dream and wallet-friendly} // kelly bag HERMES* //
sunglasses KAREN WALKER
Photography by me :)
We got a call from the adoption agency to formally start our home study process with individual interviews!  I was ELATED and so nervous at the same time.  Tons of things were flying through my mind – what questions are they going to ask, how long is the Q&A session, will they like us, am I going to pass this interview?!  When my friend E* asked what I was going to wear, THE jacket popped into mind.
Anyhow, I hope the interview went well.  They ask all kinds of questions – about my personality, the spouse, childhood, discipline, family, etc.  My interview ended up lasting 2 hours {she had said usually between 45 – 75 minutes} and Mr. S’s was about 1 hour.  Maybe I talk too much!  The next step is the actual home study where they do a joint interview and check out the house.  *Breathes deeply*
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Never forget that the first step in getting help is asking for it. – Brooke Noel
{Today I let go of trying to do it all and focus on building a network of support and encouragement.}

* acquired via Ebay.  BTW, I stalked that jacket for awhile.  No, it wasn’t a super stellar deal, but it was over 50% off retail.

P.S. Sorry if I’ve been MIA on your blogs, email, or social media lately.  I’m trying to get lots of things in order!

55 thoughts on “Interview Outfit // Chanel Jacket

  1. so exciting!! an interview lasting longer than typical is always a good sign in my opinion :)

    1. MEG!!! I hope you can get it at a SUPER steal! That would be awesome! Crossing my fingers for Saturday!

      And I like that idea – I’ll start thinking of it as a good luck charm! :)

  2. I think it must have been going really well to have lasted that long!
    Love the jacket, and I’m totally guilty of saving things for special occasion debuts.

    1. Thanks so much Lyddie! I’m hoping so!

      And there’s nothing wrong with saving things for special occasions! I usually get so excited about new things that I want to wear them right away!

    1. Awe Stacey! That’s so sweet! Thank you! My hair was certainly all over the place with that wind, but I guess it makes for good blog pics! LOL!

  3. That jacket is beautiful! I totally know what you mean about saving new items for a special occasion, and it’s always so great when they do come/the new sentiment that will be forever attached to it :) On to the next step!!!

    1. Thanks so much Susan!! I was trying to look professional but not too formal!

      And these sunglasses are fab! I like the classic shape with the modern twist and I’m a sucker for tortoise anything!

  4. Sam, I know you are eager to bring your child home with you. I know the process will be totally worth it when you first see your baby, watch your sleeping child and experience all the joy that comes along with being new parents. I wish you peace and patience throughout the process. This is a very special time in your life. I enjoy hearing about your journey to parenthood, thank you for sharing it with us.

    The jacket is gorgeous and now it will always have a special association with it. Someday, that jacket will be a “from Grandma, with love” piece, and it will come along with a wonderful story!

    1. Lisa – Thank you so much! That is such a sweet thought for us! I do need help with peace and patience!

      And you’re right!! It would be so lovely if I could pass it down as a From Grandma with Love piece one day!

  5. Dear Sam

    I found your blog via lovely Maitai and have added you to my blog roll.

    I love your outfit and wish you luck and strength on your adoption journey.

    I had my baby just before I turned 39. Old Mr FF was almost 49 and he is the best thing ever.

    I hope it works out for you xxx

    1. Thank you Faux Fuchsia! I thought I recognized your name somewhere! We are turning 37 this year and having a baby would be the greatest present of all time! Thanks so much for sharing! We can’t wait to start this journey!

  6. glad your interview went well! I think it if goes long that means they are hitting it off with you and really enjoying talking to you – so you’ve done well! Keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

    Also love your jacket – the perfect reason to wear it indeed :)

    1. Mica!! Thank you! I felt like the interview flowed really well, so I’m hoping that’s the case and not that I was too much of a Chatty Cathy!

  7. Sam, saying a little prayer for you and Mr. S. I hope they’ll see what wonderful parents you guys would make for any child.
    As for your style, one hot mamma! Totally in love with this look. Smokin’!

  8. Good Morning Sam!
    My second day visiting your site and loving it so. The jacket is beautiful, but what captures my attention most is the intimacy here with you sharing your experience going through the adoption process. Best of luck with everything, and I look forward to following along and hearing more about how it goes. Sending positive vibes your way!

    1. Thank you for the positive vibes Whitley! Send anything positive our way! Yes, I always waver on how much I share regarding my personal life, but this is been consuming so much of my thoughts. Thank you for the sweet sentiment about sharing. **BIG HUGS** to you! xo

  9. sam.. wishing you all the best with the interview! they should check out a blog and see what an awesome mum you’d make :) long interviews are a good sign, i think. and i have a special occasion purchase i have yet to bust out too.. i know the feeling! loving your chanel xx

    steph /

    1. Thank you Stephanie! Haha, if they checked out the blog, they may think I’m too obsessed with clothes, bag, shoes! Thanks for the vote of confidence though!

  10. Fancy interview outfit! lmao aw you don’t talk too much but you’re easy to talk too :) So excited for you and can’t wait to hear more about the adoption :)

  11. you are going to be one chic, fabulous mama, sam. what a great opp to whip out the chanel jacket! i hope this process is going well for you, and i can’t wait to hear more about the adoption process. good thoughts, good thoughts!!! xoxo

  12. Will definitely keep you two in my prayers so that the whole process will go through smoothly. I can’t believe how insanely bureaucratic the whole process is. Your Chanel jacket is utterly gorgeous. Drools.

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