London Part III // Exploring

We thoroughly enjoyed London and its surrounding areas and could have spent at least another week there!  Needless to say, we want to go back… SOON.  {We actually booked our vacation through Costco Travel, and it was seamless.  Just sayin!}
They say a picture is worth 1000 words.  Hope you enjoy…
A view of Big Ben from Buckingham Palace
Beautiful gates of Buckingham Palace
Fabulous Elie Saab “Sleeping Beauty” and Chanel No. 5 window displays at Harrods
Divine “Oriental Christmas” window displays at Harvey Nichols
On the Queens Boulevard heading to Changing of the Guards
Richard Coeur de Lion outside Houses of Parliament
Picturesque Bath and the Pulteney Bridge
Gorgeous entry hall dome in the Roman Baths of Bath, England
Union Jack Flags lining the streets of Bath, England
Rotunda of Windsor Castle
No intro needed really… Stonehenge
Opportunity dances with those who are ready on the dance floor.  –H. Jackson Brown Jr
{Every year, I challenge myself to learn something new.}
Hope everyone is enjoying your week so far!  It will be short and sweet!  Stay tuned for my Paris recap coming later this week!  

7 thoughts on “London Part III // Exploring

  1. Lil L asked if we could catch up with you and the hubs. I tried explaining how far Texas was. She had trouble understanding my explanation so she ran off to look for your town on her globe and then gulped. “I guess I wouldn’t see them for years then”. Poor. girl. Looked so dejected.

    1. Awe poor Lil L!! Y’all need to come to Texas for a visit! We would LOVE it and could show you Longhorns! I think she would like their “parade” at our Stockyards. But really, I would gladly go back to London to visit too!

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