Happy Rx // Five minutes with Garance Dore

So I’ve ranted and raved about Garance Dore’s visit in Dallas, and finally here is the post!  I really wanted to share because Garance is such an inspiration.  She is so genuinely nice… and honest, chic, charming, beautiful, and nice.  Did I mention nice?  NICE goes a long way in my book.  
garance dore in dallas, garance dore aldo heels
In case you couldn’t tell, I’m completely smitten by her.  We had the chance to ask questions, and all that popped into my head was ”               “.  Yes, absolutely nothing because I was a bit star struck!  I hate it when that happens because I turn into a smiling mute!

But I jotted down all the happy and jumbled thoughts I have in my head from her FIRST question and answer session at SMU.  Here are some quotes that stuck with me…
garance dore quotes, garance dore words of wisdom
*A little more explanation on the last one*
Garance wants to make a movie one day.  In order to become an expert, she does those lovely short films ‘Pardon My French‘.  Isn’t that brilliant?! 
During her SECOND appearance at Neiman Marcus, there was a brief Q&A session followed by a fashion show.  Garance hand picked and styled all the outfits, and they were so chic!!  She labeled each model a ‘personality’ of New York i.e. Brooklyn gal, Soho chic, etc.  You can get a glimpse of their final looks – I snapped a quick pic of them with Garance.  By the way, that pink Jil Sander draped gown is TDF!!
garance dore in dallas interview
garance dore in dallas, garance dore interview
garance dore in dallas
And she remembered me from the FIRST appearance!  See, so nice!!  {Apparently, when I am really happy, my smile turns into a snarl.  What the heck?  Since when do I crinkle my nose when I’m smiling – apparently only when the lovely Garance Dore is around!!}
And leaving you with my favorite quote from Garance…

P.S.  Do you like my ‘homage to Garance’ in the first picture?!  I think she was a little concerned about the reason why I was taking pictures of her heels!

13 thoughts on “Happy Rx // Five minutes with Garance Dore

  1. Sam,

    So wonderful meeting you! Don’t worry-your happy smile is absolutely beautiful! Love it!

    Adore this font!! What is it? Fits the post perfectly!

  2. Aww I love her! She’s awesome and so awesome that you got meet her.

    I love her style, I like to think mine is that or as I call it “tomboy chic” ;)

  3. Hi Sam…..I’m going to check out the Garance Dore blog. Looks like an exciting event.

    You look perfect as always.

    I have a question; I’m working on a research paper about for grad school and it will cover topics that affect the elderly. I have a few question that I would LOVE to ask you (since you are a pharmacist; the question are very relevant to some issues I’m concerned with. IF you don’t mind and you have a few moments…would you be willing to contact me and let me know if we can email exchange some ideas. The topic is very specific, geared toward eventual publication. Let me know if you are willing or able. If not, don’t feel obligated at all, I totally understand.

    Love your blog.

  4. You look so lovely Sam!! I didn’t think you smile looked snarly at all.

    And what I would give to have such elegant handwriting! Mine is scribble… no really, it’s bad!!

    Reading your post was like seeing her again… thanks for sharing!

  5. What a fun event! I’m happy you got to go. I met her a couple of years ago at an opening for an exhibition she did- such a sweetie. You look so cute!

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