Style Rx // Brooch the Subject

If you have tendencies like me, then you probably LOVE baubles and bling!  And when I say love, I mean ‘like a moth to a flame’ LOVE!  I’ve hoarded collected many shiny things throughout the years, and brooches are one of my favorite items.
You can style a brooch so many ways…
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And then you can get a little clever with your baubles…

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These are all pictures from my previous post!  See how fun it is to “play dress up” with your accessories!  Note: On pictures 10 and 11, both were purchased as chained brooches already, but they’re great DIY inspiration!
The Style Rx:  Think outside the box!  You can wear a brooch on almost anything.  See how I pinned a brooch to a ribbon and wore it in my hair here.  Cluster a group of brooches on a denim jacket to gussy it up!  And you can even use a matching pair as shoe clips!
Happy Wednesday!  What are some other ways you’ve adorned yourself with pins and brooches?
It’s not what you do once in awhile, it’s what you do day in and day out that makes the difference.  –Jenny Craig
{I don’t settle.  I expect and accept greatness from myself.}

17 thoughts on “Style Rx // Brooch the Subject

  1. I love brooches and accessories, too. I’ve got a lot of vintage ones, as well. After looking at your post, I need to pull them out more often! ;-)

  2. Great ideas Sam! I love brooches and just got a lot from my grandmother! I usually place them on necklaces to add some extra bling, but I will have to try this out as well!


  3. These are great ideas! I always forgot about my brooches and they are so pretty. Love the tip about connecting two with a bracelet. Brilliant! Heather

  4. connect two with a bracelet?! i would never ever have thought of that sam.. i don’t actually own any brooches but it def is a great foundation idea for other things.. love it!

    ps love the necklace in #3!!

    steph /

  5. Turning the cardigan into a wrap top is a clever idea! Never thought of this at all.

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