K8 Hardy at the Dallas Contemporary

Today’s post is a little different than normal, but I really LOVE learning about new people and things.  Last night, I met the amazing artist K8 Hardy {pronounced Kate in case you’re slow like me} at the Dallas Contemporary.
{Photo of two bags cut and glued together.  We are all so used to consumerism and beautifully photoshopped editorials of an object.  She wanted this to make you pause and really take notice.}  

{Her local intern, Roy, and the artist, K8 Hardy}

It was an intimate gathering of bloggers, and she was sweet enough to answer any questions we had about her inspiration, thoughts, or how-tos of her exhibit currently at the Dallas Contemporary.  She didn’t want to tell us the meaning of each work, but let it speak to us.
All of the photos in her exhibit, September Issues, were created meticulously.  The lighting, colors, textures, and images were created WITHOUT photoshop.  I repeat, WITHOUT photoshop.  She developed the film in a dark room, and added effects during the process.  The large photos were digitally printed the developed film.  She was also the model in each photo.  Ultimate Chameleon!
She creates each item in her shoot and for the fashion show.  She doesn’t have a sewing background, but makes it work with stitching, glue, and whatever else needed.
Apparently, Duffy created the wigs for her previous show at the Whitney Museum of Art and now Comme de Garcons has commissioned his work for their latest campaign.
If you’re in the area, Dallas Contemporary is hosting a ‘LEGENDary’ Fashion Show featuring her works TONIGHT at 8:45pm.  It sponsored in part by Forty Five Ten.  Purchase tickets and information here.
Thanks for letting me share her with y’all.  I really appreciate artists and their self expression no matter what medium… canvas, film, or fashion.  I admired her blue-tinted glasses and soliel Hermes birkin, and guess what… she’s a Texan!
You can have anything you want if you will give up the belief that you can’t have it. – Dr. Robert Anthony
{I shed limiting and negative beliefs, and put positive and supportive thoughts in their place.}
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