Style Rx // 6 Ways to Wear Black Ribbon

As a young girl, I was obsessed with ribbon.  I saved ribbons, bows, and strings from anything.  Some things never change!  I still love ribbons and bows, and you’d be amazed at how useful a piece of black ribbon can be…
{photo layout from Pugly Pixel}

Happy Wednesday Y’all!  And stay tuned for FRIDAY because I’ve got something special coming up!

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27 thoughts on “Style Rx // 6 Ways to Wear Black Ribbon

  1. Love the different ways you’ve used the ribbon! I love it on the pearl necklace, I have a faux pearl necklace from Indigo Rose Designs and it ties with the ribbon, I like swinging it around like you have and having the ribbon bow on display, it looks so nice :)

    1. Thanks Nelah! Actually, I got the idea when I saw a Tom Ford tuxedo shirt. I tried to find it online, but couldn’t! So I had to recreate the look.

  2. These are great ideas Sam! I never thought of just using a ribbon as a belt… (I’m now thinking… duh :) ) I also love the idea for a headband and choker!


  3. oh i never thought to use it to shorten a necklace. that’s so creative! i used to collect a lot of ribbons when i was still in malaysia; actually just bought some to sew onto the side of an old pair of jeans!

    steph /

    1. Don’t feel awful M! Your house is probably much more organized than mine! I’m almost a professional hoarder! :-X

  4. Sam! I love this post! Such great ideas that I would have never thought of on my own! My favorite is definitely the ribbons as cuffs! That’s going to be the next thing I try…though I’ll need to get a cuff shirt first!

  5. I have a few black ribbons sitting around – now I’ll have to experiment with these ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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