From Grandma with Love // Lace Dress

It’s that time again… another piece from Mr. S’s grandma.  This one – I ADORE!  It’s lace.

Dress from G-ma {similar} // Jen Hoodenpyle + Zara necklace // MaiTai cuff // Valentino heels {in red or black} // Chanel bag // Karen Walker sunglasses
In fact, this is the outfit I wore for the first day of Lucky FABB!  A lace dress is perfectly paired with  studded kitten heels! No?

The Style Rx: Pair something feminine with something edgy for a chic look.

Shop the Look:
Is it too obvious how much I love the Valentino Rock Stud collection? {I got in on sale last year.}

Call it clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. – Jane Howard
{Each day I value every member of my family (and my inner circle) and take the opportunity to tell them so.}

Again, this quote is so fitting for today.  I’m off to see my best friend who is leaving the country next week.  It’s bittersweet because I LOVE seeing her, but I’m not ready for her to go.  See you soon.

32 thoughts on “From Grandma with Love // Lace Dress

    1. Thank you Mica! I was sad when I boarded the plane back to Texas, but I hope to visit her in China maybe next year?!

  1. Oh, I agree with Nelah in her post above; would love to see grandma’s photos. Beautiful generational style sense!

  2. Another beautiful piece, i am curious to see photos your grandma when she was young. One stylish lady who knows all about classic pieces. Love the delicacy of this beauty. It seems to fit you perfectly.

    1. Nelah! Thanks, it’s Mr. S’s grandma! I’ll see if I can get permission to share one of her older pics on the blog! :)

  3. Hi lady!

    It was so nice meeting you at FABB. Your blog is outrageous, nice and clean… I love it. Please keep in touch and I’ll always keep you in mind for any blog related events. Let me know if you make it out my way, Sundance is coming up quick. Have a great week!


  4. This. Outfit. Is. Everything. Posting this comment so I can obsess and salivate over the shoes some more.

    Enjoy your trip with your bestie!!

  5. How gorgeous Sam – you’re so lucky to get such cute vintage dresses from your husband’s grandma! Also love the necklaces and heels. ;-)

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