Christmas in August

As I start my packing list for a week long NYC trip in September, it’s hard for me not to reminisce about the last time I was there.  It was Christmas of 2011.  I never shared my pictures, so it’s time for Christmas in August.  I.CANT.WAIT. for upcoming family time and #LuckyFABB!

Is anyone else headed to the #IFBcon or #LuckyFABB??  I would love to meet up in person.  :)

If you hold back on life, life holds back on you. – Mary Morrissey
{Where my dreams and future are concerned, I hold nothing back.}

P.S. The fun photo layout is from Pugly Pixel.

23 thoughts on “Christmas in August

  1. AHHH fun photos! :) Love them :) And I wish I was going to Lucky FABB, I really wanted to but I can’t get time off from my job for it! I am excited for you though! :)

  2. Ah, Christmas in New York. My favorite time of year! Loved the pictures and that FABULOUS coat! Hope we can meet up!!

  3. Hey, I love your style, I found your blog from a friend of mines blog. I’m looking for some new blogs to follow, so if you’d like to follow each other, leave me a comment and from there I’ll give you a follow :) mine’s

    Hope to hear from you soon lovely!

    P.s: I am trying to make more fashion posts, if you could give me some advice on how to take some like yours, where you can get your whole body in the picture, I would be ever so greatful!

    1. Of course! When my husband isn’t helping me, I use a tripod and remote. Find a place with good lighting {natural sunlight is best}. Before I got the remote, I would do a test shot and use the timer. Hope that helps! :)

  4. After seeing so many movies featuring Christmas in NYC, I often wonder what it’s like to spend the festive season there. You’re always so beautifully put together. I’d hate to show a photo of myself on a normal day.

  5. I LOOOOOOOOVE that fur coat! Holy cow, it’s awesome! :) I want to go to NYC this fall, but Christmas there looks amazing!


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