Happy Weekend // BlogShop Dallas

This weekend, I learned some serious Photoshop skills at #BlogShopDallas!  Lookie below, I even made you a gif!

Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest and Angela Kohler of Angela and Ithyle are the brains behind this super fun weekend workshop!  You know I’m always IN for anything fabulous or fun!  And besides getting Photoshop smarter, we also got a goodie bag!  Who doesn’t love goodies?!  Another bonus… meeting some local bloggers! YAY!

I knew basic photoshop because of tutorials learned from the awesome Katrina of Pugly Pixel and the beautiful Jo Klima‘s Your Darling Blog design workshop.  This weekend course really fine tuned my skills and will save me TONS of time doing my blog posts, so I can spend more time doing all the things that I should be doing instead!  And now, I can make myself look 5 pounds skinnier, have flawless skin, and create amazing mood boards all in one lickety-split second!  Just kidding! {We were told to use our new powers for good, and not evil!  LOL!}

Hope y’all are having a happy Monday!!  :)

13 thoughts on “Happy Weekend // BlogShop Dallas

  1. How fun! You got smarter and got some goodies. A winning combo :) PhotoShop is something on my wish list, it seems like it would be so fun. Heather

  2. I really need to learn Photoshop, sadly I own it and still haven’t installed it or played with it at all! Looks like a really fun event!

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