From Grandma with Love // Daisy Dress

Mr. S’s grandmother is cleaning out her closet, and guess who is the lucky recipient!  Moi!  We didn’t realize she was quite the clothes horse!  I am having too much fun with all of the unique pieces she’s given me.  So this is the start of a weekly post, From Grandma with Love, until I run out of items.

DRESS: from G-ma / BELT: WHBM / BRACELET: Eddie Borgo via NMLC, thrifted / WATCH: cfc from / HEELS: Gianni Bini / BAG: Chanel via NMLC / SUNGLASSES: Prada
It’s really special that she is willing to share these items with me.  I wore this to her birthday lunch!  Last week, she gave me a dress with feathers!  Oh yes, you read correctly, feathers!!  I can’t wait to wear THAT one!  Happy Thursday y’all!

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29 thoughts on “From Grandma with Love // Daisy Dress

  1. How fun! Did she give you any history or memories about each item she gave you? I love when my grandma tells me stories about something she gives me. Love this dress! It looks so modern. Heather

    1. Thanks Heather!!

      Yes, she was telling us that she wore this dress to Rome {before she had all the kiddos}!! I LOVE hearing stories about the things that are given to me! :)

    1. You can! They don’t always get them in, but they do from time to time! It also helps if you have a relationship with a sales associate that knows you like a certain designer. A lot of times, they are EXTREMELY helpful at keeping an eye out for you!

  2. Ooh, la, la! You are so lucky! What a fabulous vintage dress!

    Thanks for stopping by & following LCDF! It was so fun chatting with you at the Rue event!


  3. Sam, grandma is ultra chic girl! I wish my grandmother had a wardrobe like that. You LUCKY girl! I think it’s so sweet she’s passing her clothes to you. That dress is gorgeous! You look like someone in Vogue! I love it! Girl, don’t worry about the commenting. I know you keep tabs on my blog. I do the same thing with nail polish. Sometimes I love the name more than the color. HAHAHA Again Sam, you look fabulous doll. Have an amazing weekend and can’t wait to see more of this series.

  4. This one is fabulous Sam! What’s funny, I have a pair of vintage white gloves with those same daisies on them! ;-)

  5. oh my goodness sam, how fabulous! my mum and grandma both have great wardrobes, such a shame i’m almost a foot taller and three sizes bigger than them, haha ;) looking forward to more of these posts!!

  6. this dress is awesome! what a rockin’ grandma you have :) i am also completely smitten with your prada shades; the detailing on the sides is so cool! hope you’re having a great week, sam!

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