Cars and Coffee Weekend

Mr. S is obsessed with cars.  Cue confession time: I like cars toovintage cars, fast cars, exotic cars,  muscles cars, even cute cars.  {You may have seen my Instagram pics!}  So, Mr. S and I went to ‘Cars and Coffee‘ this weekend to check out some amazing automobiles.  There was a lot of engine revving, coffee drinking, and photographing.  Don’t worry, I didn’t get ‘Fast and Furious’.  No hot pants for me!
prada dress, chanel, jcrew cardigan, coach wedges, karen walker sunglasses

prada dress, chanel, jcrew cardigan, coach wedges, karen walker sunglasses
prada dress, chanel, jcrew cardigan, coach wedges, karen walker sunglasses
prada dress, chanel, jcrew cardigan, coach wedges, karen walker sunglasses
DRESS: old Prada via NMLC / TANK: old Abercrombie / CARDIGAN: JCrew / NECKLACE: I made it! / BRACELETS: thrifted and gifted, Eddie Borgo / EARRINGS: from Mr. S / WATCH: cfc from / WEDGES: Coach / BAG: Chanel via NMLC / SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

If you’re expecting drifting, loud music, scantily clad ladies, or a ‘Fast and Furious’ gathering, then you would be disappointed.  What you will find are car enthusiasts, sometimes with family in tow, appreciating the vast array of cars and chatting it up about anything related.
Here’s my prescription for staying stylish if you attend a Cars and Coffee {in case your significant other is as gaga about cars as mine}:
  • The asphalt gets hotter as the day progresses so keep it simple but chic with a sundress.  My khaki dress has been a great staple because it’s a neutral color, simple cut, and thick stretchy cotton.
  • If you have long hair, consider wearing it up ie. chignon, pony, or bun.  This will save you the hassle of sweaty hair sticking to your neck as what happened to me here
  • Bring a cardigan to cover up for the freezing air conditioning inside.  This linen cardigan I’m wearing is perfect for summer.
  • Wear comfy shoes.  I prefer wedges for summer.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen and sunglasses! 
  • Grab your camera/ smartphone so you can take a bazillion pictures of cars!  :)

I got my JCrew cardigan for $20.99 so you may want to check in stores also.  

Hope y’all are enjoying the weekend!!  I’m up late again because of the Olympics.  I’ve concluded it going to be a sleepless couple of weeks.  Happy Weekend Y’all!!

Some days there won’t be a song in your heart.  Sing anyway.  – Emory Austin
{I have the power to turn the mediocre into the magnificent.}

19 thoughts on “Cars and Coffee Weekend

  1. What a fun event and those cars are amazing! We get a lot of car shows in our area also and we love to look at all the hot rods. There are some beautiful cars out there.

  2. Your dress is gorgeous and very practical for summer. I have never even considered a linen cardigan…until now! I’m definitely going to add one to my wardrobe…now I just have to figure out what color!

    1. I didn’t really think about it until I saw this version! I have a different linen cardigan, but it much thicker so I never wore it in summer! The JCrew one is really thin so it’s perfect for summer!

    1. Actually June – it’s getting dirty on the edges. You will see in my most recent post! It makes me sad, and I need to figure out how to clean it!

    1. Jeannie! They do have some vintage muscle cars there too! I think they have a ‘Cars and Coffee’ in a lot of the US cities.

  3. Gorgeous pics Sam, nice cars too. I really don’t know a man who isn’t into cars, so good tips to know! I usually end up wearing sneakers and jeans, nothing as classy as your outfit here.. I really should try a bit harder :) US is doing so well at the Olympics, while Australia is sadly at the bottom, even our Kiwi neighbours are doing better! Shucks.

    1. Well, I always feel like I look short when I wear sneakers so then I wear some kind of wedge –> and that starts the domino effect!! {And that’s why I’m so jealous that you can wear brogues!} Sorry about Australia at the Olympics. That’s a bummer for your team. :( But there are still more events coming up!

  4. I love cars as well! I have a friend in a car club but his is not as fancy as this event. Love the name “Cars and Coffee” hehe you look fabulous of course :)

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