JCrew Inspired // Layered Necklaces

Oh JCrew, how I love thee!  You always make things look so fresh and chic!  Do you get emails and catalogs from JCrew?  I love going through their catalog for inspiration.  And recently, Gayle Spannaus, fashion director and head stylist, sent an email about summer layering.
DRESS: old Limited {similar} // NECKLACES: 1 pink Lanvin {similar}, red Lanvin for H&M {LOVE but money tree needed} // 2 pearls from visiting my best friend {similar}, vintage thrifted here {white bib necklace} // 3 old F21 flower, Ann Taylor waterfall {cutie from Target} // 4 old F21 orange flower {make a statement in this! and cute F21 peach one}, turquoise gifted from MIL {similar}
So why not get more from your jewelry by layering!  I thought it was a fun idea and tried out some different looks with chunkier necklaces.  Gayle suggested “twisting them up up a bit so it seems unintentional, like one dramatic piece”.  When I did that, they looked twisted up, very intentional – I must not have that magic fashion director touch!

Amazingly, I’ve tried necklace layering before here and here with thinner/smaller necklaces.  Have you tried this and/or will you try this?  What do you think?!

P.S.  The cute photo collage layout?!  Pugly Pixel of course!  :)

Happy Monday!  :)

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38 thoughts on “JCrew Inspired // Layered Necklaces

  1. I haven’t tried this but I love the look! I just got my first chunky necklace a few weeks ago and I for sure love it:)

    1. It’s hard to tell but the flower necklace is a bright tangerine!! BUT red and turquoise is a great combination also!!! :)

    1. True Jeannie! Sometimes, I feel like my jewelry is out of control! I thought it was fun to try! Number 1 DEFINITELY makes a statement, so I would need to be in the right mind frame!

  2. love this post, sam! no. 2 and 3 are my faves, but i love how daring no. 1 is — such a statement! love this blog layout, too..need to go check out pugly pixel ) xo

  3. Long time no chat! I hope all is well, I have not tried this whole layering necklace trend yet and love how you did it. #3 is my favorite. I also am impressed you can create 9 hairstyles! I probably can do only 3…it is so sad. Hope all is well and that you will experience the emotional brilliance line from LUSH.

    1. I know Bessie!! I’m always behind – the story of my life! And you are NOT sad silly gal! I want to go to Dallas to check out the new emotional brilliance line! I LOVE that place! My nose goes into overload/overdrive when I’m there!

  4. Wowza! I love this; the red and pink ones in #1 are definitely a show-stopping combo!! Thanks for the inspiration lovely! x

  5. That first layered set is bright and fun! I’d love to see your husband’s grandma’s vintage outfits – post soon!

  6. I get the JCrew emails and catlogs too! I love looking through them for inspiration, but often I think some of the combos would only look good in a JCrew photo shoot, but they’re still fun! I was just in JCrew yesterday and watched a lady layer necklaces. I like your number 3 the best, they look like they were meant for each other!

  7. This necklace was inspired by many that I have bought over the years, mainly from J.Crew. I love long necklaces that can be layered or worn alone, and this one is mostly neutral with a bright pop of neon for a little added fun factor!

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