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Summer is a great time to try different hair styles, especially if you have longer hair.  I usually want my long hair out of the way because 1) it’s hot 2) it gets sweaty 3) it sticks to me!  Did I mention it’s hot?!  I got the idea from a magazine – I can’t remember if it was Allure.  {If you know, please tell me so I can give proper credit.}  Here are my 9 days of hair… even though it took me 2 weeks to actually wear all these hair styles!
The Usual.  This is how I normally wear my hair, although sometimes it’s parted on the side.  It’s ‘curled’ with a straightening iron.  See how in my video tutorial here.
Side Braid.  This is one of my favorite summer dos.  It’s fast and easy.  Sometimes, I fishtail braid it instead using the tips from this great tutorial here.
‘Hair’ Band.  I modified this tutorial by braiding my hair instead of twisting.  Grab a section of hair below each ear and braid loosely.  Then, pull each braid over your head to create a head hair band.  Pin and voila!
Bangs Away.  When my not-quite-grown-out bangs are on my nerves, I braid them out of the way.  Directions here!
Peace.Love.Straightness.  This is my hair in it’s natural state.  And like most other women, I wish my hair naturally looked like ‘The Usual’!!  We always want what we don’t have.
The Pony.  I love this version of the pony tail inspired by the chic Gwen Stefani.  Take bangs or front section of hair and twist it to create the front pouf.  Bobby pin it in place with the pins placed in an ‘X’ shape to keep it secure.  Add additional pins if it doesn’t seem stable.  Pull the rest into a pony tail.  Then tug on the hair at the crown of your head to create the back pouf.  If you want, pin the pony tail into a bun for a sophisticated do.
3-in-1.  THIS hairstyle was inspired by my new friend Mary!  Divide hair into 3 sections.  Braid each section.  Then, braid the 3 braids into 1 braid.  Roll the braid up and pin.
Top Bun.  Too much fun!  Put hair into a high ponytail, then backcomb the pony to give it volume.  Wrap it in a loose bun, secure with bobby pins, and hairspray the heck out of it!  The trick is these magic-grip “hair pins” that I have.  I found them at my local drug store, but you can find them on amazon here too.
Milk Maid Braids.  Nicole Richie looks so chic in this hairstyle, so I thought I should try too!  Separate bangs if you have/want, then split hair down the middle.  Braid each section loosely, then pull on top and across your head.  Tuck the ends of each braid under a braid to hide it, and pin.
QUICK TIPS:  Use clear elastic bands to secure your braids which help eliminate bulk.  These magic grip “hair pins” really help secure buns or braids and keep them in place.  Hairspray definitely helps!  I use Aveda Control Force.  Hope this was useful, and you have fun playing with some new hair styles!  Let me know if you have any questions.

P.S.  The fun polaroid collage is from Pugly Pixel‘s blog bling!

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Angels have the ability to fly because they take themselves lightly.  – Author Unknown
{I turn away from the negative and put positive in its place.}

22 thoughts on “Beauty Rx // 9 Days of Hair

  1. I love this post – so many gorgeous styles! You have such gorgeous hair Sam and I love that quote you posted at the end :)

    1. Thanks Georgina! The quotes are from a book my friend gave me for Christmas – it’s positive sticky notes! So happy! :)

    1. Awe Miriam! You definitely DON’T look old! My hair falls out in clumps too. I started using Aveda Invati shampoo – I’m not sure if it’s really doing anything yet! Will let you know!

  2. i love these looks on you, especially the milk maid braids. you look totally cute! i’ll check out your magic grips. at the moment i use goody spin pins for buns, i find they never come loose!

    1. Yes steph! Those spin pins are super fantastic for my ‘tighter’ buns! I do love them! I use the magic grips for the bigger bun and any other ‘up do’ that I try!

  3. Love your hair in every one!

    I cannot wait until my hair is long enough to try option 3, the ‘hair’ band! I’m growing my hair out, I know I’ll regret having such long hair in summer, but I miss having lots of styling options!

    1. Mica! You should check out that tutorial! I think it states that you can start the braids right above your ears for shorter hair!

  4. Omg, this post is AMAZING! Love this Sam, thanks for sharing, definitely inspirational! I have been trying really hard to wear my hair differently :)


  5. ok, i love this post! i am so boring when it comes to my hair. i rarely even put it up in a ponytail, let alone braids, milkmaid braids, buns, etc. thanks for inspiring me to spend a little more time on my locks! :)

  6. all are great looks! now that i’ve finally grown out my hair, i’ll have to try some of these. thanks for the ideas!!

  7. ******THANK YOU all for your lovely comments! I LOVE experimenting with my hair! I think it started when I was younger bc my mom and my cousin Iris would try ‘new hairstyles’ on my hair since it was long! Glad y’all liked it and let me know if you have any questions!******

  8. This post is interesting!
    I love side braid, hair band, 3-in-1 and bangs away best :D

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