Can’t Hardly Wait // Olympics

The Summer Olympics start in less than 2 weeks, and we CAN’T WAIT!!  Mr. S and I LOVE the Olympics!  We haven’t paid for cable in over 9 years, but we’re contemplating it so we can EAT, SLEEP, and BREATH the Olympics 24/7!  {We got free cable in our apartment when we lived in Houston, but I’m not counting that!}  ARE YOU EXCITED?!

We want to host an Olympics themed party, but we won’t be able to do it this time around.  PLEASE, someone use our idea for the party and let me know how it goes.  PARTY IDEA:  Everyone must be dressed as an Olympic athlete!  It doesn’t matter which games {summer or winter}.  They could be a celebrity like Michael Phelps or Bruce Jenner or just a random gymnast or bobsledder!  Wouldn’t that be a blast?!  And we wanted to have gold, silver, and bronze medals for silly games like {insert fun indoor party game here i.e. beer pong}!
TOP: 3.1 Phillip Lim via NMLC {similar from Elizabeth&James} // PANTS: Alice and Olivia on sale for $52 here OR in pink here {last seen here} // BELT: JCrew // WEDGES: Via Spiga via NMLC // BRACELET: old Anthropologie // CLUTCH: F21 {check stores but found a cute Union Jack ring!}

Side note: Originally, I had this for my 4th of July/ Independence Day post.  Mr. S gave me a quick history lesson regarding Independence Day and the Union Jack, and this was changed to my Olympics post!  Oops!!  LOL!

Happy Sunday Sweethearts!

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23 thoughts on “Can’t Hardly Wait // Olympics

    1. We do too! When we were in Europe during the 2008 Olympics, we were watching the summer Olympics in our hotel TVs. We couldn’t understand a word they were saying except ‘Michael Phelps’!!!! LOL!

  1. Haha such a cute outfit + commentary! Love the Union Jack clutch!! This is the first time I’ll be watching the olympics in Sydney so I hope the time difference won’t keep me up too late! ;)

  2. usually gymnastic, diving and running are my favorite watch sports…i think i can dress as a runner….what a cool idea. i am excited….too bad only once every 4 years.

  3. Ha ha ha Sam, I thought we were crazy when we got cable just for the Olympics. They had a non contract deal so we can drop it anytime. I am so excited. Love the clutch and the whole outfit is so fitting to pay homage to the Olympics in UK :)

  4. You need an American Flag clutch to make this a perfect 4th of July post, LOL! My English colleagues always whine when us “americans” get the 4th off :)

    Anyway- super relaxed chic outfit. Love the tailored blue pants paired with the relaxed blouse. Also the solid colors really make your clutch pop!

  5. LOL i so wish you would have made this your 4th of july post. oh the irony. cute outfit, and fun little animated gif. it’s the little things, damnit! :)

  6. I love this post! True story: My family never had cable until the Olympics in 2004 so my dad could watch all the events! I really love your outfit (that clutch!) and the party idea! I’m really excited for swimming (Ryan Lochte for the win!!) and gymnastics! Both the mens and womens teams are so good!!

  7. You look super cute and I can tell that you are ready for the olympics mama :)

    Love your clutch!!!


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