Alter Ego // Sweet and Sassy

Sometimes, it’s difficult to decide.

Dress: Zara // Sunglasses: Prada // Earrings: vintage Chanel // WHITE bag and cuff: Chanel via NMLC // Heels: thrifted Bottega Veneta for $18 // BLACK bag: vintage Chanel // Cuff: Mai Tai // Heels: Valentino {reverse here or here}

Do you like the SWEET or SASSY version?  I wore the sweet version to a celebration service at church, but I almost wore the sassy!  Mr. S was darling enough to take pics of both versions.

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37 thoughts on “Alter Ego // Sweet and Sassy

  1. I like the sassy version – of course!! I definitely would “toughen” up a soft pink dress like that with some studs :)

    1. Finally got the ‘pin it’ button to work with the help of my fab friend! If you hover over the pictures, there will be a pin it button! :)

  2. Yes you look great in both! I prefer the sassy version because that’s just me.. I want your Valentino shoes!! x

  3. what a great dress! i’m a bit bummed out i didn’t get to check out the zara sale this weekend >.< buuuut -- i suppose cleaning out the closet is a good start to refilling said closet ;) looking forward to restocking with shiney new things! happy tuesday!

    1. Hi Stacey!

      I got in on ebay a couple of years ago (for less than $500 bc they weren’t popular), and had it authenticated through the purse forum. I know that WGACA has some, but their prices are high. I’ll see if I can find you some links this evening! :)

  4. You look beautiful! The pink dress is gorgeous, and of course pairs perfectly with both Chanels you picked!

    I really can’t decide – I like both the sweet and the sassy options! You wore sweet this week, maybe next week you should wear sassy! :)

  5. i like both versions! i go for sweet most times, but juxtaposing styles is quite fun! you probably did the right thing for a church service, though. save the sassy for cocktail hour! :)

  6. I like both versions too. The sweet version for me is for the church ^_^ The sassy is for fun at night! ^_^ Congrats to Mr. S he is getting better and looks pro in taking photos. ^_^

  7. Both looks are pretty stellar but I think I like the sassy one a little more just cause those shoes are so amazing. Love your Chanel cuff too!

  8. That is a very flattering and feminine dress on you. Very lady like, its pastel color is just so sweet. You make me want to go to Zara now, seriously. I dont even remember when was my last visit there.

  9. Love this dress on you. I recently went to try and it didn’t fit me well. Boo..

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