COLOR Rx // White

Recently, WHITE has my attention.  You may have noticed my white jeans and shorts in heavy rotation this season.  White is a wonderful color to elevate an outfit and give it a fresh feel.

Top: Prada via NMLC {last seen here} // Jeans: Joe’s Jenny Jeans {also here and here} // Necklaces: thrifted // Earrings: Anthropologie // Cuff: MaiTai // Heels: Coach // Bag: Chanel via NMLC // Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Do you remember me talking about the color psychology of blue {seen here}?  Well, white is associated with purity and cleanliness.  It also represents neutrality because it is the absence of color.  That’s probably one of the reasons why it is so easy to wear with anything!  And did you also know that it is associated with creativity {ie. white board or blank slate}?  Let’s see how creative we can get with white!
BTW, Mr. S and I are headed to San Diego!  Let me know if you have any recommendations for a MUST-see or MUST-do!  I’m so excited because I’ve never been there, but my best friend went to law school there and LOVED it!  :) 

30 thoughts on “COLOR Rx // White

  1. Fantastic outfit! If I could pull off white pants I totally would (my butt disagrees). You always look so chic and put together! Love it :)

  2. such a summery colour! love the jeans – not sure if i can pull it off though but it looks amazing on you!

  3. Have fun in San Diego! :)

    This shirt works so well with the white jeans, it really pops! I wish I could get away with wearing white jeans but I’m so clumsy….I have a really pale peach pair, that’s as close as I’ll get! :P

    1. Actually, I am very messy also! When I was wearing the outfit from the ‘Graphic Goodness’ post, I spilled coffee on myself in the morning and washed/dryed them so I could wear them that evening! That’s how not-good-with-white I am… but I really like the look! LOL!

      xo, sam

  4. You’re definitely the ultimate bargain hunter as stated on the tweet! I tried on a pair of white denim yesterday and put them right back. Now that you’ve given me ideas with all the different combos, I wish I’d just bought the darn thing!

  5. I’m loving the white! It really can be the most versatile piece in an entire wardrobe. I just wish there was an easier way to keep white clean I’m such a klutz lol

  6. Love the setting of the picture with the blue chair :)
    I’ve missed checking out your blog and your super awesome outfits!
    Adore the pattern of your blouse and the sunnies!

  7. I LOVE your top, it’s such a bright and fun piece. I would love to wear it with some white jeans or trousers for work!

  8. The top is kinda flamboyant but you pull it off well. You never seem to have a fixed style and you carry all the styles so well. You’re amazing really. You make dressing up fun :)

    1. Thanks Melody! Actually, I find that annoying about myself – that I don’t have a fixed style! Life would be so much easier! LOL!

      xo, sam

  9. Ah-hem…..I need to see receipt as proof that you scored that chanel bag at NMLC????????? WHAT?! How on earth did that gorgeous beauty end up there? More importantly, how come I didn’t get it haha! Love the outfit Sam and the blouse is gorgeous too. Don’t get me started on you finding prada at NMLC! Hope all is well :)

  10. Love white! As you said it’s a clean canvas but it also can be difficult to keep clean :x

    Did your husband call that shirt old lady too? haha I know how much he dislikes printed silk blouses :p

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