I’m Wishing

If I could have one talent today, it would be to do fashion illustration with watercolor.  Tomorrow it might be singing.  Kidding!  Watercolor is one of those mediums in art that KILLS me.  I LOVE it so much but I can NOT do it.  My search for the perfect office artwork helped me discover these talented individuals.
Danny Roberts :: It’s cheating a little because he uses mixed media.  And, actually, I have been a fan for a long time! LOVE his work!

Samantha Hahn :: Hello!  What a great first name right?!  And she’s got the talent to boot!
Zhenya Zhuravlyova :: I’m so lucky that she commented on my blog so I could find her.  Extremely talented.

Jessica Durant :: Gorgeous.
Leigh Viner :: Beautiful.
Bernadette Pascua :: I’ve featured her artwork on my blog already.  She is amazing!
Cate Parr :: Lovely.
Hope y’all are enjoying the weekend!

12 thoughts on “I’m Wishing

  1. These are really cool. Watercolor really does take talent one little mishap and your piece turns into a wonky brown mixture!

  2. So lovely! I especially love the one by Leigh Viner. I’ve always envied those with beautiful artistic skills.

  3. Thank you for sharing Danny Roberts works. I just clicked onto his site and pinned photo on my Pinterest.

    I’m recently into painting too. Acrylic painting in fact. I do love watercolour fashion illustration too.

  4. I love watercolor paintings, if I could go back and do watercolor wedding invitations, I would. Thanks for the introductions to so many talented artists, I was familiar with Zhenya before but am going to go check out the rest of these amazing artists!

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