Ice Cream Soda

with a cherry on the top!  Right now, I’m laughing at myself!  Do y’all remember the movie BIG starring Tom Hanks that came out in the 80s?  Well, there is a fabulous ice cream song in the movie that I had memorized… WRONG!  I didn’t realize until I researched the song today.  Way to go Sam!

So here is how the ice cream song really goes:
The space goes…

down down baby, down down the roller coaster.
Sweet sweet baby, sweet sweet don’t let me go.
shimmy shimmy coco pop, shimmy shimmy rock,
shimmy shimmy coco pop, shimmy shimmy rock
I met a girlfriend- a triscuit,
she said a triscuit- a biscuit,
ice cream soda pop
vanilla on the top {All these years I thought it was a cherry on the top!}
oooo Shalida, walking down the street,
ten times a week
I meant it. I said it.
I stole my mama’s credit.
I’m cool. I’m hot.
Sock you in the stomach three more times.

I still can’t believe that I had it wrong for over a decade!  Anyways, I saw this cherry necklace on sale at Nordstrom and immediately thought of one of my style icons, Shala Monroque.  It was a done deal!  A new post was born with the wrong tagline from the song!  Now, if only I could have as much finesse as Shala!  
I wore the above outfit to a lunch date with a girlfriend in April before it got hot.  It’s hard to consider wearing a jacket now!  Too hot!  Next time, I want to try layering the necklace like she did!
 {The lovely Shala} image via
And leaving you with a great quote to keep in mind while we go about our business this weekend!  Enjoy yourself and Happy Friday!
Our workday lives are filled with opportunities to bless others.  The power of a single glance or an encouraging smile must never be underestimated.  – G. Richard Rieger
{I express my appreciation to those around me.}

JACKET :: thrifted Armani {cute rosette blazer}
JEANS :: Joe’s Jenny Jeans {also here and here}
EARRINGS :: Anthropologie {similar}
NECKLACE :: Juicy Couture
BRACELETS :: Givenchy, JCrew, thrifted
HEELS :: Prada
SUNGLASSES :: Karen Walker

19 thoughts on “Ice Cream Soda

  1. What a fun statement necklace! Certainly elevates a simple outfit. Thank you for sharing the little quote. It’s so true. Sometimes when a random stranger flashes a smile, it really lifts up my spirit. It’s also a reminder that I do the same too.

  2. Cute Cute outfit!!! As usual. You nail it everytime!! Love your necklace and bag!! Soo chic. Have a wonderful weekend!!


  3. Great necklace! I though that song said cherry on top too, I think it just makes more sense that way who put vanilla on top?! lol

  4. Ha, I LOVED Big and definitely had many a lyric to that song memorized wrong! Love your beautiful shoes and that incredible bag. I need to go vintage shopping with you, you find the most amazing things!

  5. love that bag! what an amazing, amazing shade! i don’t think i’ve ever seen that colour before ;) and that necklace is really cute on!

  6. Yah the bag is goood, but see the glasses!!! I just felt in love in it!! I tried my best to find similar one designer sunglasses. May be this will be good. Thanks, you gave me a nice idea what gift i will ask for my birthday :)

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