It’s a Man’s World

Menswear inspired ensembles fascinates me.  I love the juxtaposition of masculine pieces on a lady.  It’s unexpected and beautiful.  A woman boldly wearing a fedora or bow tie gives off a certain charisma and exuberance.  It’s no wonder the trend keeps showing up on the runways.

When wearing a tie, I feel empowered, confident, and still feminine.  I’ve done menswear inspired previously with a scarf and a bow tie.  This time, I wore a real tie borrowed from Mr. S!  I can’t take credit for cleverly wrapping the tie like this – I saw it on a cute Saks sales associate when I was in NY for Christmas. 
Apologizes for I am quite behind on things and life in general.  I’m trying to get more organized which makes me feel LESS organized.  How does that happen?  I will be catching up on blogs soon!  Thanks for all your love and continued support!
TIE ::  Missoni for Target {similar Missoni}
TOP :: SO {similar from VS}
PANTS :: Burberry
HEELS :: Prada {similar here and here}
EARRINGS :: Chanel via ebay {cute from Marc Jacobs}
RINGS :: Oui, Pink Stone
BAG :: gifted {similar}
SUNGLASSES :: Karen Walker

And check out these lovely ladies for more menswear inspiration!  Fedoras, suspenders, oxfords and skirts – isn’t it all too much fun?  :) And Rachel recently did Tie Tuesday!
peony c/o | katrina | alexa c/o | bianca c/o 1 and 2

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18 thoughts on “It’s a Man’s World

  1. Love the tie – very cute way to tie it, awesome that you get inspiration from people you meet :)

    Really like Franklin too of course! :)

    Love how you’ve worn a menswear look but still look feminine – it’s not something I can pull off, so I respect you even more for it :)

  2. This is a great look……….I’m going to have to try it myself!
    Your dog is striking a very regal pose!

  3. …and yet, if men were to wear women’s clothes it would be classified as cross-dressing or subject to homophobic condemnation. It seems that it really depends on body type; a particularly feminine body can contrast successfully with masculine wear. (That is, wear men’s clothes without looking any less feminine.) Contrariwise, a burly Scotsman wearing a kilt will not be seen as femininine, even in non-Scottish cultures where a kilt is seen as a skirt and thus women’s wear. Of course, women can wear kilts too, which just points to the fact that when it comes to fashion, women get all the fun.

    Irrespective of all that, you certainly do look very chic, Sam. :)

  4. you wear menswear beautifully, my friend! thanks for including my photo in your inspiration collage. :D

  5. Menswear inspired looks is probably my all time favorite!! You rocked it :) I love the detail of lacing up the cuff rather than buttons… adds a feminine twist!

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