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This dress is one of my favorite thrift finds.  It was $25 and had a tag specifying that it was bespoke at Saks.  It has a gorgeous neckline and surprisingly charming bow on front.  One of the things I love about vintage clothes is the quality of the workmanship.  This dress is a perfect example.  There is the actual wool dress, a lining, a beautiful ribbon covering the hem, and even bra strap holders.  My tailor took in the sides a little, but they can be let out if needed in the future.  I feel like a princess when I put it on!  {By the way, then necklace and panther clutch… also thrift!}  
The shoes I’m wearing have a special meaning to me because those are my wedding shoes!  They are almost nine years old.  We were on a tight budget, and I wanted something different than the “dyed to match” heels {those were a big deal at that time}.  Luckily, these fun strappy sparkly numbers were $40 at Dillards.  

Happy Wednesday Y’all!!
DRESS :: thrifted {reminds me of a princess}
NECKLACE :: thrifted {modern version}
CUFF :: Mai Tai
CLUTCH :: thrifted for $6! {pretty here}
RINGS :: Oui {Etsy}, gifted Opal {similar and pretty Etsy version}
HEELS :: Valerie Stephens {similar and money tree needed}

It is not enough to take steps which may someday lead to a goal; each step must itself be a goal and a step likewise – Goethe
{Every positive step I take feeds my confidence and determination.  My motto:  I can and I do.}

27 thoughts on “Old as New :: Princess Diaries

  1. There’s nothing quite like making a thrifty discovery…it’s like finding a pirate’s buried treasure! The neckline on that dress is really unique, and it works beautifully with the bow. A particularly lovely ensemble, Sam!

  2. gorgeous!!! {as usual} :) found a boat-load of loot at the DE last week and thought of you… wore my $25 manolo blahnik sandals last night and wanted to do cartwheels filled with thrifted joy. xoxo, s

    p.s. we need to get together sometime, yes??

  3. I love the unique neckline and box. I love how you styled it so that it’s retro with a bit of a casual edge (very reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn). The only thing missing is a Franklin photobomb!

  4. WHOA…..did you hear my jaw hit the table? Sam I was wondering if this was a Valentino dress! The fabric absolutely has the sheen he loves to use to construct his cocktail dresses and the bow led me to think so. It is gorgeous and I cannot believe you got it for $25! The shoes are absolutely beautiful, I cannot believe you’ve been married to Mr. S for 9 years :) You look like a princess…now where to find a chauffeur to take you to the nearest destination in your Rolls….

  5. Hi, Sam. It’s been such a long time, but wanted to comment that your personal beauty compliments the outfits! Sharon (Cake lady)

    1. Thank you Mrs. S!!!! Of course I remember you!! I loved my cake decorating classes!! I haven’t done a cake in awhile, but I do always think of you! :)

      xo, sam

  6. What a beautiful thrifty outfit! I really love the details of the dress and that adorable clutch. Your wedding shoes are beautiful, such a classic find!

  7. Oh my goodness that dress has to be the thrift find of the century! I am so in love with it and you look absolutely gorgeous in it!

  8. You look fabulous Sam – and love that you are wearing your wedding shoes! They are so gorgeous :) The blog looks great btw!

  9. Lovely. I’m drolling over this dress. Items from the bespoke labels for department stores are always such good finds. My first thought was Audrey, which is never a bad thing;)

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