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Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  I’m going to play dress up with y’all this week so I can show you my newly altered thrifted dresses.  I’ve had some of these for years, but just got around to having them altered last month.  {Shows you how organized I am!}  Some gals don’t like to dress up, but that is my FAVORITE part of getting ready!

{Franklin doing yoga in the background!}

I bought this silk dress a couple of years ago at a resale shop when I was in Vancouver with Mr. S for a business trip.  {This is for you Kay!}  It was $20 and had a huge velvet ribbon bow that looked like a spider web on the the front!  That was immediately removed.  Besides that, the dress was a little too big, had a pointy chest area {I think it was from the Mad Men era}, and was not a flattering length for me.  I was willing to wear it anyways, but the pointy boobs thing kept me from dawning it in public!  Fast forward to last month when I decided that “enough was enough” and I needed to wear this dress for Spring!

P.S. For those of you who let me know that couldn’t comment previously, it should be fixed!  :)

DRESS :: thrifted {I like this Kate Spade shift!}
BROOCH :: Steinmart {similar here and here}
EARRINGS :: Marshalls {shorter version}
NECKLACE {worn as bracelet} :: thrifted {similar}
RINGS :: Oui {Etsy}, gifted Opal {similar and pretty Etsy version}
BELT :: Anthropologie {modern version}
CLUTCH :: gifted {I like this}
HEELS :: Gianni Bini {I wish!}

Vision without action is a daydream.  Action without vision is a nightmare. – Japanese proverb
{I have a clearly defined path for my life.}

23 thoughts on “Old as New :: Butterfly Kisses

  1. I love it Sam, it looks awesome! You might appreciate what I thrifted this weekend – a ’70s backless maxi with giant collar halter and the print navy with bright pink and bright orange ’70s florals, lol!!!

  2. I LOVE dressing up – what a gorgeous dress it looks great on you! Such a great idea, I recently found a tribal mini dress I haven’t worn in years that I plan on getting altered. Thanks for the inspiration to do it sooner!

  3. Wow, I really think the dress ended up being really beautiful and it suits you perfect. (If you ever get tired of it, it is more than welcome to enter my home ;)) Wish I could find such a treasure as this, but I think one have to be creative to see the opportunities.

    again, great and wonderful dress!

    Camilla, http://www.NativePassion.blogspot.com

  4. GORGEOUS! That silhouette is so classic and chic. I love the alterations you had made and the addition of the brooch. And now you’ve proved me wrong about vintage pieces in Vancouver! Where did you pick this lovely dress up from? The vintage shops I’ve checked out in the past have all been along Main Street (outside of Downtown Vancouver) and a few on Granville Street.

    1. Hi Kay!!

      When I pulled out the dress, I remembered you saying that there weren’t as many great vintage stores in Vancouver. This was a couple of years ago so things may have changed. But I remember them having a lot of great dresses and scarves! :) You’ll have to let me know if you visit and find anything!

  5. You look absolutely amazing in that dress!!! Love that color and that brooch is too cute!!!


  6. If i were you, this dress must be the best $20 i would ever spend. It is a very lovely dress not to mention the cheery yellow floral print, it looks great on you.

  7. I actually love this dress and the length is perfect! Did you alter it? cause you wrote it had a not very flattering length. I actually find this dress look perfect on you!


  8. sam, you look hot! and omg i have TONS of stuff that i need to alter, too! haha. ahh, if only we could dedicate a day to this together! i love the print of your dress, great job hun! hope you are well <3


  9. Oh, I love this!! It was tailored beautifully because now it looks like it was made for you! You look so pretty!

  10. I adore that dress, it’s so fresh and on-trend. I would have guessed it was a Jcrew if you hadn’t of said otherwise ;)

  11. This dress looks stunning on you. I love that a few tweeks here and there and it’s perfect. This dress is the of spring.

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