Bedroom Reveal :: A Tale of Two Sams

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sam who had a dilemma with her bedroom decor.  Much to her dismay, she could not get ideas to work in that space.  She tried muted colors, bright colors, a Moroccan theme… all gone awry.  And then Sam called SAMSAM, a graphic designer and decor extraordinaire, rescued Sam and Mr. S from the color and interior design faux pas of their sleeping quarters.  SAM worked her magic to create a lovely and beautiful bedroom.  Mr. S and Sam were overjoyed!  And they all lived happily ever after…

{happy and serene bedroom. check out the luxe mohair headboard!}
{amazing art wall with pieces from Etsy, FABULOUS vintage lucite lamps, and a glam mirror trapezoid}
{soothing sitting area complete with a luxurious throw next to Mr. S’s side of the bed}
{art by moi and a glimpse of an ello armoire}
{oh so-lovely-to-walk-barefoot-on rug and graphic prints tied together with an antique chest}
{magnificent fig tree and joyful sitting area}
{close up of those awesome lamps and the ellos!}

Are you swooning yet?  I was excited to give y’all a sneak peek here!  And those that follow me on Instagram know that the last item arrived this week so I could finally do a bedroom reveal!  YAY!

Now let’s talk about Sam.  Sam has impeccable taste and we were so lucky to work with her.   For those of you that don’t know Mr. S, he can be extremely particular.  Sam was patient, attentive, super sweet, and blew us away with the end result.  Can I just say that going into our bedroom is like a fairytale!  It’s a dream come true.  THANK YOU SAM!!  She is so talented.  Putting beautiful details together to make our bedroom exquisite – like breathing for her.  The mohair headboard, soft and comfy linens, a killer trapezoid, lucite lamps… I can go on and on!  And get a hold of the Ello armoires flanking our bed providing a gorgeous smoked reflection.  We had to hard sell Mr. S on those bad boys, but I’m glad we did!  I LOVE all the fabulous textures and everything.  Seriously, our bedroom makes me and Mr. S so HAPPY!

You MUST check out her blog StyleSwoon.  This is an order, and I promise you won’t be sorry!  And see the before/after pictures of our bedroom and read her gorgeous words on StyleSwoon HERE!

27 thoughts on “Bedroom Reveal :: A Tale of Two Sams

  1. Your bedroom looks beautiful! I love all the textures! It’s stunning! Your wall art is lovely, I didn’t know you were an artist.

    I am ashamed to admit that our bedroom looks exactly the same as it did when we bought the house – only now we have our bed and side tables in it! Ooops :(

    1. Oh my gosh Mica! You shouldn’t be ashamed. We’ve been in this place for over 3 years. This is the only room that is truly “done”. And we just got window treatments – we were using paper shades all this time!

  2. Wow, your bedroom is stunning! I just love all the textures and luxe touches like the headboard, lucite lamps and that beautiful mirrored table. Outstanding work!

  3. SAM did a great job for Sam. Such a cute play on that since you both have the same names ;) I really like the lamps those are soo pretty. The little lights on the headboard are a practical touch as well very nice!


    1. Yes… those little lights on the headboard are my favorite. They are connected to a dimmer so it can be so soothing! :)

  4. Wow Sam! This is an amazing bedroom. Sam did an a great job. If I may ask, were did you get the baskets and mirror trapezoid? What paint color is on the walls, so soothing.

    1. Hi Patience! The mirror trapezoid is a vintage piece (as are the ellos), and the baskets are either from West Elm or Home Goods (Marshalls). I can’t exactly remember. The paint is Behr paint in Sparrow on the walls and Pensive Sky on the ceiling. Hope that helps! :)

  5. *swwoooon* I love how the room has a mix of modern and traditional pieces. The mellow blue is perfect – not too bright and not too grey, it’s just right! I need a Sam in my life to re-do our place. I have absolutely NO clue when it comes to picking colours and textures.

  6. What a gorgeous post – I can’t wait to see the full transformation (b/a photos)!

    What a wonderful job S did – I already opened styleSWOON in another tab, definitely checking out the blog.

    Wow – I really can’t get over how perfectly all of the contrasting elements just WORK together. I love love love this post.

  7. What an oasis your bedroom is!!! LOVE everything about it! Sam…the interior decorator…what an eye she has, I was just on her site and she’s amazing!! Enjoy your bedroom :)

  8. Oh Sam! I love it soooo much! I’m dying to re-do my bedroom, it really needs a fresh look. I just love a happy ending ;)

  9. You have a beautiful bedroom! How long did it take for this all to come together?

    I want to see the rest of your house!!!

  10. WOW! i’M BLOWN AWAY, BLOWN AWAY. It looks so serene and peace- it’s stunning. I love all the textures and colors and depth of the fabrics and materials. It looks like a page out of Architectural Digest- AMAZING!

  11. i’m so in love with your room!!! that last piece especially, i love horses! and that art by you is perfect on the wall :) x

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