USO Girl

Would you believe me if I told you that this dress was $6?  I found it at my favorite local resale shop, and it was begging to come home with me even if it was too big AND too long.  A quick trip to the seamstress fixed that issue!  And wearing it with these red accessories, I remind myself of a USO girl {not that I’m worthy of being called one}!  I love the patriotic colors.

{Isn’t Franklin so sweet?!}
I have a penchant for vintage items, whether it’s clothing, jewelry, or even furniture.  I love believing that there is a story behind each item.  Was it worn for a special occasion?  Was it passed down from a family member?  My mind wanders a lot.  It’s a sickness really!  
After the alterations, the dress cost more than $6 but I think it’s worth every penny!  I cut out the major shoulder pads.  She shortened the skirt and took in the waist.  {This is when I realize it would have been prudent have before and after pictures.}  The waistband has some gorgeous embroidery detail.  AND it has pockets, which I find charming on skirts or dresses.
Next week, I’ll share some more of my vintage finds that I recently had altered.  And leaving you with the quote of the day…
Have the gumption to try something new, and the grit to see it through. – Karen Fonstad
{I create a space for my passions in my daily life.}

DRESS :: thrifted {from F21, all blue ASOS, or cute DVF version here and here}
CLUTCH :: gifted {beautiful RM ostrich clutch, vintage here}
NECKLACE :: Old Navy {another vintage here or Etsy find}
RINGS ::  Oui {Etsy}, gold {similar}
HEELS :: Stuart Weitzman {pretty here and cool UN wedge}
SUNGLASSES :: Karen Walker {still crushing on ivory here or here}

28 thoughts on “USO Girl

  1. LOVE this dress Sam! It is gorgeous and you look PERFECT! Seriously a stunning color/pattern on you! And vintage?! I love vintage as well and it was definitely worth what you spent to tailor it! Isn’t it fun to think about how it was worn before or for what occasion? Happy Wednesday!


    1. You have a great memory!! That would be a fab combo!! Thanks Niki! I’ll have to remember that next time! :)

      xo, sam

  2. You look gorgeous as usual!

    I also love finding great vintage pieces. The quality is often much higher than what you find nowadays, and I love that fact that nobody else has what you’re wearing. And of course my favorite is vintage jewelry!

  3. Love it! I would love to search for vintage items (like you, I love the story behind each piece). The only problem is that in my city (Vancouver, Canada) vintage items are sorely OVER priced and often cost more than brand new items. Otherwise I’d happily search away!

  4. Oh Franklin is so cute!! Love your outfit! The dress is so pretty and the accesories are perfect!! I have a new post!! Wait for you!

  5. I can comment! YES!!! Sam, I love this look! The dress has a vintage feel to it, and the alterations turned out beautifully!!! I also can’t believe you got the dress for a whole $6! Less than what a yard of fabric would cost…

  6. amazed at what you did with the dress! can’t believe it cost $6 bucks complete with alterations!! i LOVEEEE your sunnies they are amazing!!!

  7. wow, what a fabulous deal, sam! you look amazing. i love the vintage-feel to it, and love how you styled it. i love blue tones with browns and reds…. and you nailed it on the head. flawless. :) have a great day, sam!

  8. Thankfully, I can leave a message here. Been here few days and tried to leave comments but with no avail. Anyway, you look great in this blue dress. And your shoes love it! ^_^

    1. Thanks Mary!! Bessie from Bravoe Runway told me that she couldn’t post comments too! It was fixed by Katrina last night! :)

      Hope you have a wonderful day!

      xo, sam

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