Getting the Boot

Pointed canvas army green boots with wooden bead embellishments and a rear black leather stripe.  Does that really sound appealing?  Well, when I saw the Isabel Marant Franklin boot box on clearance at Last Call, let’s just say it was a done deal!  I mean… it even has the same name as my dog.  Is that a sign or what?!
style of sam, isabel marant, isabel marant franklin boots,
{Franklin with the photobombing!}

style of sam, isabel marant, franklin boots,
style of sam, isabel marant, franklin boots,
style of sam, isabel marant, franklin boots,

Besides that, I’m a sucker for “versatility”!  You can wear the boots up or scrunched down.  {Can you say eighties?}  And the beaded embellishments are removable, so it can be worn as a necklace or bracelet!  Since it’s canvas, I’m going to try the boots with some dresses for Spring.  We’ll see what kind of looks I get from Mr. S.
As previously mentioned, the description sounds blah.  But when I put them on, I feel like a bad a$$ {even if it IS an eighties bad a$$}!  Maybe, it’s the thought that French girls wear them too.  Indubitably, it must give me that extra je ne sais quoi!  No?!

What do you wear that makes you feel chic or gives you that 
je ne sais quoi?

TOP :: H&M {similar Gap version}
TANK :: H&M {similar}
JEGGINGS :: LOFT {similar
SCARF :: CABI {similar LoveQuotes scarf}
EARRINGS :: F21 {similar at F21}
BOOTS :: Isabel Marant Franklin {but try Last Call stores for a much better price}
BAG :: Bulga Butterfly {gorgeous Givenchy hobo}

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11 thoughts on “Getting the Boot

  1. Given the description I didn’t know what these boots were going to look like but they are sooo cute! I love that you can wear then scrunched and the embellishments are removable! Love your sweater and tank too :)

  2. Love your little photo bomber!

    Those boots are killer, and I especially love how you styled them for spring! NM Last Call is the best, isn’t it???

  3. Wow, these boots are amazing! I love the versatility and not to mention the color! I actually had a pair of Steve Madden boots in a similar color, but they were ruined in my recent closet pipe flooding :( I might have to take a look at getting these!

    You look super chic and bad a$$ ;) :) Happy Friday!

  4. great outfit sam!! and nice design of the blog…LOVE it.

    the IM boots…i’ve seen this pair on an australian site for 250. can’t recall the size but that’s the best deal i’ve ever seen.

  5. haha he is the most photo bombing dog I’ve seen on a blog I must say. Although at least he’s looking this time ;)

    Great weekend casual look. It’s also great you can roll down the boots, kind of makes them 2 in 1!

  6. oh sam, it was so much fun to help you convert your design from PSD to blogger. you’re pleasure to work with! :D

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