Lately, I’ve been OBSESSED with gold things!  And not just in my wardrobe… everywhere!

I’ve already bought the iphone case!  Instagram pic coming soon!

P.S. Update on the iphone case – I am returning the Incipio case and ordered this InCase gold version instead.  The Incipio case is a snap-on and doesn’t cover the front glass part of the iphone case so it’s less protective.  Just an FYI for those clumsy types like me!

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19 thoughts on “Gilded

  1. You’re not alone – I adore all gold accessories these days! I’m really loving the gold cuff.

  2. I agree with ya – love, love gold! Which is funny because in the mid-90s, my teenage self would scoff at gold and only wore silver, lol!

  3. Oh…I love gold too!! I think it’s one color that doesn’t go out of style!! I recently bought a gold bag too. That iPhone case looks beautiful!!

  4. i love gold everything! i spray paint everything i get (from the thrift store) gold. or coral :) my bf is also into gold. he spray painted his VCR gold, haha. and yes girl i said VCR haha! hope you have a great weekend! the phone case is so cute!!

    x, james

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