JOIN ME for {virtual} Fashion Week 2012

{This amazing illustration is from Brooklyn artist Bernadette Pascua.  It was featured for a special of edition of French Glamour April 2011.  You can find more information on Bernadette Pascua and her blog Decade Diary.}

Today is the official start of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York.  I know a certain someone who wishes she was there to join in the sartorial festivities.  Moi!  Unfortunately, my schedule is just SO hectic that I can’t make it to all the fabulous runway shows.  {TRANSLATION: I didn’t get an invite to Chanel, and I can’t fly up to New York this minute to try and crash some fashion shows!}  Therefore, I’ve decided that a certain someone should host a VIRTUAL Fashion Week party for those of us to want to attend but are way too busy to experience a super fabulous week of fashion.  Again Moi!  This UBER EXCLUSIVE and SUPER FABULOUS {virtual} party will be hosted on Thursday, February 16th, 2012.  That’s the official last day of MB Fashion Week.  Everyone, which means you, is invited.  Just send me a picture of what you are going to wear by Wednesday, February 15th to  You do NOT have to have a blog {but let me know the link if you do}!  Just have fun and join the par-tay!  I’ll post all your Fashion Week worthy pics on February 16th for our VIRTUAL blowout!

Hope that you’ll join me!! :)

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22 thoughts on “JOIN ME for {virtual} Fashion Week 2012

  1. Ummm Sam, just so we’re clear I will only be attending if I sit front row ok? HAHA! Love this idea, and wow I cannot believe we’re already at fashion week again, it feels like fall was last week?????

  2. That illustration is fantastic! I wish I was that talented …

    Ooh, I have no idea what I’d wear for Fashion Week, real or virtual – this may require some closet play time this weekend!

  3. Oh my, what a wonderful idea! I will definitely try to take part, can’t wait to see what you pull together :)

  4. this is the cutest idea! I will be trying to send you a photo soon babe.. if not i will be attending the show for sure ;) hope you are having a great weekend!

    x jamie

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