HiLo! HiLo! It’s off to shop we go!… Oh wait!  That’s not quite right.  This isn’t a fairy tale, but this is the life and Style of Sam

sweater: American Apparel / fur scarf: H&M {similar} / skirt: F21 {similar} / booties: Givenchy / bag: vintage Celine / sunnies: Karen Walker

{Excuse the silly play on words.  I get a little delirious sometimes!  Maybe because it’s Friday!}  This delightful skirt was begging to come home with me.  After confessing my love for this dress by Nini, how could I resist?  HiLo {shortened for high-low} skirts have been all over the trend reports lately.  Although I’m in the process of editing my closet, I didn’t mind adding this piece.  It’s fun, flowy, and feminine.  Next time, I’ll wear it “ballerina” style with a scoop-neck top!  After all, it reminds me of a longer version of my ballet wrap skirt! 
Are you going to add a HiLo skirt into your wardrobe this season?
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33 thoughts on “HiLo

  1. This outfit is so fab. I don’t think I can pull off wearing that skirt. But it looks amazing on you.
    I’m just LOVING those booties.

  2. I cannot believe that skirt is from F21! You have an amazing mix of high end, designer and fun F21, H&M pieces! This style looks great on you

  3. I love this skirt! I have seen many of the maxi skirts like this but this one has polka dots! really makes it stand out!

    Love the way you have styled it, and looking forward to seeing the next way to wear it too :)


  4. This outfit is chic!
    I see alot of such skirts in Zara’s lookbook. This is the next big thing?
    I don’t think I can pull off this look though. You do it so well ;p

    1. Jeannie!! I wish I could hire him! Thank you for the complement! Unfortunately, it’s still me, the tripod, and remote! {You can see it in the pictures alot!}

  5. i love this!! you wear the Hilo skirt so well!! and i LOVEEE your vintage Celine she is such a beaut!

  6. cute outfit sam, loving the addition of the fur collar and your hair looks great up. over here we call it the mullet skirt, the name always makes me laugh… x

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