Black and White

Thanks for the styling advice and opinions on the fringed bangs!  I am going to make an appointment with my hair stylist.  I’ll bring my Vogue magazine and will ask her opinion when I see her.  She is amazing, and I really trust her judgement.  Hopefully, you’ll see me with a new hair do in the future!  Now back to the regular program…

Black and white.  It’s the classic combination.  Black and white were my colors of choice a couple of years ago.  I decided to revive it with this outfit when I was in Omaha.  I needed to be comfy {but didn’t want to look like a complete slob}.  Thank you Forever 21 for creating a cute and affordable tuxedo blazer!  Mwah!

blazer: F21  / dress: Ross {similar} / necklaces: Premier, thrifted {similar and here} / bracelets: H&M, El Salvador, Hot Topic {similar} / ring: Premier {similar} / clutch: Miu Miu {cute} / sunglasses: Karen Walker

Wear a cropped or fitted blazer with a maxi dress to accentuate a narrowing at your waist.  It will give the illusion that you are thinner and have some shape.  {Very helpful when I was recovering with a swollen abdomen!}  
I couldn’t help but enjoy the beautiful weather we’re having in Texas!  Happy Monday!  

Do you like and black and white in your life?  Or do you prefer color?

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38 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. You look AMAZING, Sam! Ahhh..the hair! Love LOVE J’adore your hair. I wouldn’t dare to wear white. I’m the sort of clumsy person that just has to look at a white top and it gets stained immediately!

  2. Black & white are always a good go-to palette for an outfit. A nice neutral base to let other aspects of the ensemble pop out. I love, for example, the way the lines of the blazer and dress are clean and refined, allowing your necklace and clutch to deliver a one-two punch of dazzle. An elegant and stylish outfit!

    For myself, I don’t often do white. Black is always my starting point. I’ll accent with grey, if anything, and sometimes a sanguinary colour like red or purple. However, I do have some nice shirts that add a splash of white for contrast. Pic here, if you’d like to see:


  3. gorgeous outfit!! i love the maxi w/ tuxedo blazer on you!!

    hehe yay!! what can i say great minds think alike :)!!

  4. You look lovely. I love black and white- it’s so classic and chic. Oh my gosh you can definitely do bangs. Your hair is gorgeous!

  5. Love your outfit. You look amazing. You really have to love F21. =)

    Your photos look great. What camera do you use?

    1. Thanks CoffeeBreakCrn. I use a Canon Rebel T2i, a 50mm f/1.8 II lens, and a remote. {Unfortunately, you can see the remote in my pics sometimes!} Please feel free to email me if you have more questions! :)

  6. OK…you look like the asian Rachel Zoe in this outfit post! I love it :) This is so fab and you know I was just looking at tux jackets a few days ago at F21, can’t decide jacket or vest…jacket or vest?? AHHHHH

    1. I don’t know Bessie! I’m partial to jackets, but I can see how a tux vest would be great too! Maybe, you should have a poll on your blog!! :)

  7. This is so chic an outfit. Love the layering of the jewelry. That star clutch is the bomb. I really love colour but I also enjoy wearing black and white ensembles too.

  8. Black and white oh how I love thee! I saw this blazer as well and thought it was fab for the price! You look gorg dear and love the clutch! xx -Taj

  9. hello gorgeous, you’ve got a fab ensemble here! I love your blue chair too ;)

    Can’t wait to see if you will end up getting bangs. I am thinking about it as well but my face is too round for it I think.

  10. This outfit is great! I have a black maxi dress from several years ago that feels very dated, but if I fixed it up like you, I’d feel much more chic! Hmm…ideas!

  11. love the black lapes of the white blazer and the fact that it is cropped with the maxi black dress and that clutch, oh that clutch

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