Putting on my Face

Makeup is a necessity for me!  I wish I could run out of the house a la natural, but it just doesn’t happen {unless I’m going to work out}.  So, I’ll share some of my necessities for my daily routine {besides coffee}!

  1. Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara – The is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of my makeup routine.  My cousin I* introduced this mascara to me!  Seriously, it is amazing – my lashes look longer and it keeps the curl.  It’s now my holy grail mascara!
  2. Maybelline Falsies Waterproof Mascara – I have to list this budget friendly mascara!  I’ve tried so many different kinds of mascara, but kept coming back to this one {until I discovered the Chanel mascara just last month}.
  3. Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin – After discovering this eyeshadow primer, I cannot live without it.  I tried skipping it one day, and I could see a huge difference.  My eye make up was smudgy and gone.  Sin UDPP has a nice subtle sheen, but I started initially with the original.
  4. Eyelasher curler – This is an absolutely necessary step before putting on mascara.  If I were stranded on a desert island, I would bring an eyelasher curler and my mascara!!  {I’m not sure what brand curler I have – it was whatever was a the drugstore years ago.  But I like this pretty gold one I found online!}
  5. BareMinerals Foundation in Medium Beige or Golden Medium – This has been my foundation since 2003.  When I find something I love, I stick with it!
  6. Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows from Urban Decay – This box of goodies is no longer available {maybe ebay}.  I use the the two eyeshadows, vorpal {now called S&M} and mushroom, around my lash line for a daytime smokey look.
  7. Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Eyeshadow in Illusiore – I can quickly use my finger to cover my lids and it can be layered for a bold eye.  It looks pretty even by itself.
  8. Chanel Rouge Allure Lipgloss in Insouciance – It’s a beautiful, slightly shimmery nude that is perfect over any lip color.  I wear it over pinks, reds, or corals.
  9. Beauty is Life Lipstick in Dulce – I discovered this line of makeup at Barney’s in NY when I was visiting my brother for graduation.  It has a slightly sweet vanilla smell {that reminds me of a cupcake} and is moisturizing and creamy.
  10. Le Metier de Beaute ‘Creme Fresh’ Tint in Gingerlily – I layer this over my powder blush for a perfectly dewy finish.  And I especially love it in winter since my skin is SO DRY!
  11. Nars blush in Orgasm – This blush has won many awards, and deservingly so.  It is the perfect color for almost any skin tone.  I have purchased this blush many times!

And since we’re on the subject of makeup, can I bring up hair?  My latest Vogue issue came in the mail, and I am IN LOVE with Taylor Swift’s hair!  I’m thinking about getting BANGS like this.  What are your thoughts??  Would I look cool only if I was lounging on a chaise playing a guitar?  {I’m a little afraid because my elementary through high school hair do was blunt cut bangs and long hair – my mom made me look like a China doll!!  LOL!}

courtesy of Vogue.com

Can I get away with these bangs?  Can you leave the house without makeup?  Happy Friday y’all!!

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    31 thoughts on “Putting on my Face

      1. So true Mica! I think I’ve told most of my friends to remind me of that when I tell them that I want bangs! I’ve really got to consider that! :)

    1. Have you considered faux bangs? They clip in so you don’t have to commit to cutting your hair and your hair is dark so it should be easy to match the color. I saw them on The Today Show (haven’t tried then personally) so I’m not sure that they aren’t 100% cheesy, but I figure it may be worth a try! :)

      1. Thanks Shelley! That’s a great idea! I’m going to look for some to try before I actually get to my hair appointment. :)

    2. I love your make up routine and I too am obsessed with mascara now that is one thing I can’t leave the house with although I have before lol.

      I think you should try the bangs you are already gorgeous but I bet you would look stunning.

      Have a happy weekend!

    3. Hahah I used to have the blunt bangs too- almost like a bowl cut (not a good look!) I love wispy bangs though-I have also been thinking about them for a while- go for it! The first pic is so cute and we use the same mascara!

    4. yes, i saw those photos of her and she looks absolutely stunning! i really love your make up items, girlie :) based on your mini review, i will be trying out the Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara :) i hope you are well darling! have a wonderful weekend!

      p.s following on twitter now!
      love, jamie

    5. I’m sure u look beautiful even without makeup girl =) u have such a cute face!

    6. Love Taylor’s bangs and definitely think you have the face for them if you are up for maintaining them. I am going to have to give the Chanel mascara a try, I have been on the hunt for a new one since my Smashbox ran out. Also love the BareMinerals line, Nars Orgasm blush amd UD primers!

    7. I’m looking for a new blush so I will have to check out NARS!! Thanks for sharing all this great info!! You apply makeup so well. I wish I knew how to put on makeup as well as you do!!

    8. OOooh, loving this make-up beauty post! Only tried a few items here but would love to try them all.

    9. Agreed, mascara is the most important. I feel naked without it! I use Faslies by Maybelline.
      I unfortunately couldn’t get the Alice box-set, it seemed so awesome. But my friend got me the Naked Palette by Urban Decay and I have to say it’s amazing. You can go day to night, casual to super fancy with it :) The primer by UD is amazing, completely agree!

      We have a lot of essentials in common :D hehe

    10. Thanks for sharing your fav products! I might have to try that lipstick as I am really wanting one that moisturizes as well (Denver air is so dry and chapped lips are not sexy!) lol!
      And I personally think you would look amazing in bangs! I consider getting them at least once a year and someone (usually the husband) talks me out of it. I don’t want to spend my whole life NOT ever giving them a shot! I can just see me as an 80-year old rocking bangs in my retirement home! ha!
      So I say DO IT Sam! :-)
      XO – Marion

    11. First time popping in…great blog:) Read through some prior posts and loving your style chica! definitely newest follower:)
      I leave the house a couple days a week without makeup…either to work out or take my lil guy to activities..but MOST days I at least go with the bare minimum to make myself look presentable. Obsessed with Arbonne foundation…I discovered it about a year ago and not sure how I survived all this time without it?

    12. Nice to see your make up routine. I wear makeup but I like to look as natural and fresh. I really love Bare Minerals foundation too however I have also been using Josie Maran’s argan oil makeup.

    13. Hope you had a lovely weekend Sam. I think you would look great with bangs! Thanks for sharing your make up routine. I have to give your holy grail mascara a try, I have yet to find one that I am happy with :)

    14. Sam, thank you for sharing this. I know next to nothing about make up so this has been very helpful. Hahaha…I haven’t had bangs since high school so I’m the last person you should ask. Regardless, I’ve always loved how you style your hair. I suffer from massive hair envy!

      1. That’s a really great point Kim! I probably would sweep them back, otherwise they would melt into my eyes during the hot Texas summer! But that is definitely something to consider. Hhhmmmm….

    15. I love getting a peek at others makeup products!! NARS blushes in general are an absolute favorite and must have for me.
      I really think you could pull off bangs!! I feel like you have the face for it (if that makes sense.)

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