Get Shorty

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I got a harebrained idea and decided to do this post with my new sweater shorts.  When I was walking to the backyard to get some pics, Mr. S stopped me and exclaimed, “What are your wearing?!”  That got me thinking… “What AM I wearing?!”

sweater | Mr. S {similar}
leather jacket | Dad
shorts | UNIQLO {similar}
tights | UNIQLO {similar}
boots | Coach {similar}
airplane ring | HivenJ
sunglasses | Zara
I think certain fashion bloggers {like Rumi of Fashion Toast} can get away with wearing sweater shorts in public, but the furthest I can go is the backyard!  This outfit is super comfy and fun, but I guess it’s not my “usual” style which is why Mr. S gave me the look!  I totally ROCKED the look IN MY HOUSE!!  Blogging has challenged me to try some things that I never would have in the past.  It’s been really fun!
Have you tried an outfit {that you normally wouldn’t wear} after being inspired by a blogger?

{Mr. S and I are headed to the doctor’s office today to get the okay to head home from Omaha!  YAY!}

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25 thoughts on “Get Shorty

  1. The shorts are really cute! I know what you mean though, what works for one person may not always work for your style. I have tried really hard to stay true to what I know works for me, although blogging has made me try new things! Glad to hear you will be getting the all clear :) Heather

  2. Your shorts are so cute! I know what you mean though, what works for one blogger may not work for me. For example, wide legged jeans: they look terrible on me but so cute on others! I am so glad you guys will be getting the ok to head home :) -Dreama

  3. You can totally rock this look outside your backyard, you look great! But I know what you mean about not being brave enough to wear it outside. I never though I’d wear bright colored skinnies…and just today I bought my 4th pair. :)

  4. Your shorts are so cute! Love them! And its always fun to rock a stunning outfit at home! I have definitely been inspired by many bloggers and places like that have helped me push outside of my fashion “comfort zone”… and I’m glad you did, you look fantastic!

  5. It actually looks pretty good on :) i once considered buying a pair of Litas as I was seeing them everywhere – pretty glad I didn’t!

  6. I think it’s an awesome outfit – but yes, unlike your usual outfit post but that’s what I love about blogging, it brings out different sides of style! Hmm, I haven’t tried anything out of my usual self, maybe I should but hard to do when you’ve got a pregnant belly :)

  7. That’s hilarious Sam!….But I know exactly what you mean. There are definitely some looks that I will never try out except at home…Lol

  8. The sunglasses are Zara? They look exactly like the Baroque ones! Must hit Zara :D :D
    I loove what you’re wearing!!!

  9. hahaha, very true. And I agree with Mr. S, this is quite a different look for you. I’ve tried many things out myself and agree with you – some things are OK for pictures but I wouldn’t be caught dead in them ;)

  10. You cracked me up! I have no doubt you would have rocked it in public as well, but I understand that being adventurous has its limitations…at least you bought a pair and tried, which is more than I can say for myself!

  11. Never listen to men for fashion advice, NEVER
    I have missed so many great buys because some bf made a strange face when I was showing these pieces in the store. The pants look great how you have styled them.

  12. fantastic sunnies. i love those shoes, and you look amazing as always. more casual than i’ve seen you, but you look fabulous nonetheless. :) very effortlessly chic. :)

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