Suit Up! {1 Suit 5 Looks}

In case you didn’t get the reference, it’s a quote from Barney Stinson of “How I Met Your Mother“.  {That’s one of my favorite TV shows!}

And it’s not just any suit.  I got a Chanel suit from Neiman Marcus Last Call for over 80% off.  I know what you’re thinking.  Eighty percent off a billion dollars is still expensive {but it was NOT even close to a billion originally so I am happy}!  Since this was a big purchase for me, I want to get a lot of wear from this suit. {Think cost-per-wear.}  So I’m showing you how to do that with ANY suit!  Just break up the pieces.

Can you tell which lovely lady I’m inspired by in this picture? {Hint: I’m missing a cigarette!}

It’s the fabulous Coco Chanel!  Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel helped transition feminine fashions in the 1920s from constricting corsets to the chic, practical, and elegant suits and even “the little black dress” that we know today. 

LOOK #1: The Suit

suit and heels: Chanel | sunglasses: Prada | bag: Hermes

LOOK#2: Jacket + Leather leggings
{You could substitute skinny jeans or cigarette pants instead.}

top: F21 | leggings: Leith (last seen here) | necklaces: F21, Premier, thrifted | sunglasses: Prada | heels: Chanel {similar}

LOOK#3: Jacket + Wide leg jeans

top: F21 | jeans: NYDJ | necklaces: F21, Premier, thrifted | sunglasses: Prada | clogs: Chanel {similar}

LOOK#4: Jacket + Dress

You could substitute an A-line dress as well.  The silhouette is flattering on most shapes.
dress: F21 {similar} | necklaces: F21, Premier, thrifted | sunglasses: Prada | heels: Chanel {similar}

LOOK#5: Skirt + Top

The skirt can be worn casually with a simple white button up, black belt, and flats.  Or winterize it with a sweater, tall boots, and a scarf.  The possibilities are numerous!
dress worn as top: Norma Kamali for Walmart | headband: F21 | chain pin: WHBM | sunglasses: Prada | heels: Chanel {similar}
And now for some details of the suit!  It has metallic threads woven into the tweed and is trimmed with small gold rhinestones.  It’s designed with a removable “vest” which gives it even more versatility.  {In look #2-4, I’m wearing the jacket without the vest.}
With a suit, hanging the pieces on separate hangers will help you remember to use the jacket and bottom separately!  This will allow you to mix and match with other items in your closet.  Do you wear your suit pieces separately?

{We’re still in Omaha!  Today, I’m probably recovering from my surgery on Tuesday.  Hope everyone is having a great week!} 

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20 thoughts on “Suit Up! {1 Suit 5 Looks}

  1. I am honestly speechless. If there is any piece you could get at a great price it is that amazing suit! All the ways you switched it up were just so true to your style and Madame Coco.

    My mom wears a lot of suits, but they can be intermixed even with pieces in other suits. I told her to do just that, break up the pieces and see the option! I love the endless amount of possibilities.

    Continue on a speedy recovery!

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery Sam! Quality over quantity…I believe it was your hubs comment on one of your posts? This definitely falls into quality!! Beautiful & timeless suite!

  3. Indeed, you are def. getting lots of use out of this beautiful suit. I love it the most with the leather leggings. I think my first Chanel purchase, if any, will be a quilted bag ;)

  4. Sam, I can’t even handle how amazing that suit is! Paired with those shoes and your Birkin, you are my biggest fashion dream!. I hope you are feeling better, and will be emailing you soon!

  5. Hope you are feeling better and that everything went well.

    This is wonderful and 80% off of a Chanel suit is one great deal. So many possibilities. I love it.

  6. DID you hear my jaw drop down in tx? OMG…Sam 80% off a Chanel Suit? What kind of Last Call Center do ya’ll have in TX????? OMG! This is gorgeous. I like how you’ve worn it as separates and together as a suit. So…when u r tired of this suit…do u want to unload it to me for 80% off what you paid? K…lemme know :D

  7. Wow!! Love it! Looking chic & classic! Those are great investment pieces. You did great!! Happy Lunar New Year!

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